Apartments (flats) in Spain

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Apartments in Spain

Spain-Real.Estate offers a comprehensive collection of the best apartments for sale with up-to-date prices in Spain’s top locations from trusted construction companies and real estate agents. On our platform you will find thousands of properties for sale in Spain perfect for a second home as well as for investment including renting out. Our goal is to make the process of selecting and buying an apartment in Spain as simple and smooth as possible.

Apartments for sale in Spain

The most popular housing options available on Spain’s real estate market are apartments. Flats in Spain come in all sizes and types, from budget-friendly studio units, family-sized apartments to spacious luxury penthouse and duplex units. You can also choose from brand new condos in modern development projects as well as pre-owned options in historical buildings.

When it comes to location, the most popular destinations for buying a flat in Spain are the country’s largest cities of Barcelona and Madrid. These cities are the most visited tourist hubs in Spain and attract thousands of holiday-makers and investors every year, therefore local apartments are quite pricey options. The second popular destination for buying a flat is seaside resorts and secluded villages, where you can find more affordable options that will be an ideal second home solution.

Apartment prices in Spain

The apartment prices (EUR per square metre based on the total apartments available for sale in the region and an average price of a unit) in popular locations:

  • Barcelona – €6,939 per sq m and an average unit price - €1,013,067
  • Madrid – €3,862 per sq m and an average unit price - €648,789
  • Malaga (the Costa del Sol) – €2,966 per sq m and an average unit price - €530,982
  • Tenerife – €1,661 per sq m and an average unit price - €302,227
  • Valencia – €2,828 per sq m and an average unit price - €410,056
  • Alicante (the Costa Blanca) – €1,644 per sq m and an average unit price - €197,322.

According to this year’s stats, an average of about 25% of household income has been saved in the Euro zone during the lockdown period, which means that people have more savings to buy housing, and as a result house prices in Spain are expected to grow. Therefore, if you are serious about buying a property in this country, now is the right time to start searching for a flat.

Apartments for investment in Spain

Apartments in Spain have always been a profitable investment. According to the recent stats provided by the Bank of Spain, real estate in large cities and popular seaside resorts is one of the very few assets that ensures a considerable positive return on investment even despite the current economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Buying an apartment in this sun-kissed country, you get a 5.6% rental yield and this figure is expected to grow as the real estate market continues recovering from the pandemic.

Another reason to consider investing in flats in Spain is that investing more than €500,000 in a flat allows you to apply for a Golden Visa and stay in the country for a long term.

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