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Real estate in Costa Blanca, Spain

Real estate for sale in Costa Blanca is a profitable investment and a great option for a family holiday home.

Costa Blanca region is one of the most popular among those who are planning to buy property in Spain. This picturesque place is the leading resort region of Spain, which thousands of foreign holidaymakers visit every year to enjoy excellent beaches, a comfortable climate and relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, the demand for Spanish property in Costa Blanca is always high.  

Property for sale in Costa Blanca, Central Part on the Mediterranean Sea

The region has a record number of Blue Flag beaches, an award for accessible infrastructure and exceptionally clean beaches. Along with beaches, there are many picturesque harbours and bays with marine life unique to this area.

Real estate in Costa Blanca from developers and agencies, especially beachfront residential properties, combine an attractive price, top quality of construction and original style. Costa Blanca real estate prices 2021 are considerably lower than in other popular European resorts, while the standards of living are higher and the climate is more comfortable.

Costa Blanca property prices

Buying property in Costa Blanca for foreigners is very popular, in particular among nationals of northern European countries. The reason for this is the lowest property prices for apartments and houses in this region. For instance, the minimum price to buy property in Costa Blanca, Central Part on the Mediterranean Sea is €30 000-50 000. For this cost, you can buy a small pre-owned apartment.

If you are looking for a cheap apartments in Spain, we advise you to consider the southern coast. If you are interested in housing in a picturesque place, surrounded by nature and lush greenery, check out properties in the northern part of the Costa Blanca.

Properties in the southern part of the region, in the resorts of Torrevieja and Costa del Sol and others, prices are on average 10-20% higher.  

Real estate investment in Costa Blanca  

Buying property in Costa Blanca for expats can be not only an excellent solution for a second home in a sunny resort, but also an economically profitable investment. Thanks to the high demand for local rentals among tourists, you will be able to earn on short-term and long-term rentals, thereby providing yourself with a stable rental income. Another profitable option is to resell your property, benefitting from the difference in price.

We will help you buy property in Costa Blanca

Buying a home on the Costa Blanca is a serious decision and it can be a rather challenging experience, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Our team of real estate experts will help you make this experience smooth and safe. Our team has deep knowledge of the Spanish real estate market and on our website you will find an extensive database of properties for sale in any region of the country. Check out the best property deals from verified sellers in Spain today!