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Penthouses for sale in Spain

Penthouses in Spain are spacious apartments on the top floor of an apartment building. They have one or more terraces and a roof solarium. It is often possible to buy a penthouse in Spain with a modern open plan, they are also often two-level. Sometimes a pool or jacuzzi is equipped on the terrace of such an apartment. Penthouses usually have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to cater to the needs of larger families.

To buy property in Spain is a perfect idea for those who wish to become an owner of luxury penthouse in Spain with magnificent sea view. Penthouses in Spain are becoming more popular among buyers (especially wealthy buyers) who value comfort and a high standard of living every year.

Penthouse prices in Spain

To become an owner of a luxury apartment on the top floor of a high-rise building means to enjoy breathtaking views every day. It is quite understandable that the desire to buy a Spanish penthouse in Spain, unlike any other country, will give the owner of such real estate a unique feeling of contemplating the picturesque countryside and the Mediterranean coast.

Before buying a penthouse in Spain, you need to make a choice in favor of:

  • primary or secondary market;
  • different price categories;
  • area and region in Spain.

The offers vary in price. You will find many options among affordable penthouses (75-200 thousand euros), average cost penthouses (200-500 thousand euros) and only rare ads make up the share of luxury housing (1 300 000 euros).

You can buy a penthouse in Spain in different coastal areas, but always in places with developed infrastructure, in well-maintained and gated residential complexes with security and private parking, a large swimming pool and within walking distance of the beach.

For more detailed information, please, visit Spain-Real.Estate to find prices in euros, dollars, roubles as well as a complete list of penthouses in Spain.

Penthouse in Spain for investment

Penthouse in the coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea is a dream of many expats. Of course, if we are talking about a penthouse in Spain in the sense that most of us put into this word. The fact is that to buy a penthouse in Spain (ático) is called to buy an apartment in Spain located on the top floor of a building, and not always a high-rise one (there is “ático” on the 2nd or 3rd floor) and, of course, this is by no means always luxurious spacious housing with magnificent views. You can buy such penthouses in Spain at a low price, but the choice of an object must be taken very carefully. You can buy a penthouse in Spain both for your own residence and for renting, especially if it is a penthouse with a sea view. Penthouses in Spain are constantly increasing in price. This means that those who decide to buy a penthouse in Spain today can make a good profit on the sale in the future.

We will help you buy penthouse in Spain

Penthouse in Spain is a sign of wealth and prestige. Spain-Real.Estate offers a huge variety of penthouses both on primary and secondary housing market. You can buy apartment in a new building in Spain at the stage of construction or in already finished building to chill out in a beautiful penthouse on a sunny day, staying by the pool with friends and family. This is the best place to enjoy life on the most impressive upper floors with gorgeous panoramic sea views. Spain-Real.Estate will help you buy penthouse in the most prestigious regions of the country. Our specialists will do everything for your comfortable life.