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Apartments for sale in Benidorm, Costa Blanca

Buying flats in Benidorm (Costa Blanca) expands the horizons of leisure and business opportunities. Benidorm is a popular tourist destination and an interesting location for those who plan to buy property in Spain. This is the most "high-rise" city in Spain, with a unique atmosphere, a good standard of living and a developed real estate market. It is here that the vast majority of all skyscrapers in the country are located.

Great tourist interest in Benidorm is caused by the developed conditions for tourism and active recreation, as well as picturesque views, good infrastructure and a favorable climate.

Investment in apartments in Benidorm 

The range of housing is represented by a variety of townhouses, villas, cottages, Spanish apartments and flats for sale in Benidorm, many of which belong to the primary sector, but the objects on the secondary housing are also quite high quality.

Apartments in Benidorm for investment and permanent residence in residential complexes are notable for their self-sufficient infrastructure, closed territory and high service level.

Reliable real estate agencies in Spain recommend buying apartments in Benidorm, because all the best quality buildings are built here, tourists from all over the world come here, the demand for real estate is very high, therefore, the liquidity of the objects.

Benidorm is in every sense a favorable city, progressive and technological, with comfortable living conditions, a wonderful climate, a warm sea and well-groomed beaches that will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of Spanish culture.

With residential properties in Benidorm, commercial real estate and ready-made business projects are also popular: hotels, restaurants, shops and office space. Commercial real estate in Benidorm is a reliable investment with a high payback potential.

The city has established international transport links, airports and highways, which make a significant contribution to the strengthening of international relations.

Apartment prices in Benidorm 

The cost of apartments in Benidorm may vary depending on the area. Important factors affecting the cost of an apartment:

  • year of construction;
  • location of the object;
  • its general condition;
  • distance from the beach and view features.

For example, houses on the first coastline will cost from €1,4 thousand per 1 square meter.

In the process of finding a suitable apartment, you should also focus on the infrastructure of the area. For example, in the central part of Benidorm, apartments will cost around €100 thousand.

There are decent facilities near the sea in Poniente, which is located 10 minutes from the luxurious beach. A one-room apartment here can be purchased in the region of €70 thousand.

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