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Houses for sale in Spain

Buying a house in Spain with a residence permit is becoming more and more relevant among foreign citizens, including those from Russia. This is not surprising: from a material point of view real estate in Spain is a valuable investment asset, with a practical point of view this is a great chance to get a residence permit to relax and live in a country with excellent economic and natural conditions.

With the support of sales specialists, buying a house in Spain on a mortgage for a foreigner will not be difficult. In addition, Spanish legislation fully encourages the foreign investment inflows, and therefore willingly helps citizens from abroad to buy housing, offering loyal credit conditions and reduced rates.

What else makes Spain stand out from other countries? This country has the unique and original culture, colorful landscapes, architectural monuments and fully developed living conditions. The developed real estate sector is one of the factors that attract attention to this country. Spanish houses by the sea are valuable and desirable for tourists and investors from all over the world. Some of them are looking for housing to feel the mood of the sunny country, and someone buys apartments in Spain for doing business. However, regardless of the purpose for which you buy real estate in Spain, to buy a private house near the beach means to make a competent investment in your own future.

House prices in Spain

The cost of houses in Spain depends on a combination of factors:

  • Locations;
  • Object states;
  • New repair;
  • Furniture, household appliances and communications;
  • Access to the sea;
  • Infrastructure availability.

For example, a rural house in Spain costs cheaper than objects in central cities or on the coastline. The price of a house in the village starts from 200 thousand euros.

If we consider the purchase of real estate in coastal areas, it costs from 400 thousand euros and above.

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House investment in Spain

Buying a house in Spain for investment and permanent residence is a popular practice, which becomes a potentially profitable investment. Country houses in Spain are in demand among tourists who deliberately refuse to stay in a hotel, and instead prefer to rent real estate. Houses on the Costa del Sol and other coastal areas have the highest profitability. Here, housing is always popular, and its cost regularly increases.

You can make a profit from having a private house in Spain by renting it out for a long-term and temporary lease. As practice shows, short-term rentals in the holiday season bring more profit - up to 8% per annum, while long-term rentals show only 4%. However, it also has its advantages, namely stability.

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