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Villas for sale in Spain

Modern Spanish villas are in demand real estate in Spain. Along with flats and apartments, villas are widely in demand both among tourists and the local population. This is largely due to the optimal price-quality relationship. Among the wide range of villas, everyone can find an object to their liking, which will fully satisfy the needs for comfort and relaxation on the picturesque Mediterranean coast.

Spain is a vibrant, picturesque, prosperous country with its own unique history, climatic conditions and stable economic environment. Along with the obvious economic reasons, real estate is an equally significant factor that attracts the attention of the international community. Apartments in new buildings in Spain, detached houses and, in particular, villas - are suitable for families and unhurried pastime.

Spanish villa combines laconicism, comfort, household utilities and everything that a modern person needs for life and quality rest. Originally Spanish villas belong to elite housing, which basically has not only an impressive area, sound workmanship, high-quality renovation, but also a good location, beautiful sea views (sometimes own access to the beach).

The main layer of luxury villas in Spain is concentrated on the Costa del Sol. It is there that celebrities and VIPs from all over the world prefer to buy villas in Spain near the beach.

Many luxury villas are also sold on the coasts of the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, the Balearic Islands and Ibiza.

Villa prices in Spain

Often, the cost of villas in Spain is formed on the basis of a combination of factors. Key ones are the following:

  • Location of the object (region, city, district);
  • Availability of the sea and comfortable beaches;
  • Infrastructure nearby;
  • General quality of the building, availability of new renovation;
  • Number of rooms, area of the object;
  • Species features.

A typical villa in Spain with an area of 120 m² - 250 m² will cost from € 500 thousand. The cost of a villa in Spain with a more impressive area can reach tens of millions of euros, depending on the individual characteristics of the housing.

Villas investment in Spain

In terms of investment return, a villa in Spain can be a potentially profitable investment. Due to the high demand for this type of real estate among foreigners and local people, detached houses and villas in Spain for investment and permanent residence are profitable and in great demand. That is why they are always valuable.

You can monetize your house by renting it out for short and long term. The first option allows the owner to be more mobile in terms of decision-making: you can stop renting out housing and settle in it yourself at any time, or sell it altogether. In the second case, both the owner and the tenant are bound by a lease agreement, which is extremely difficult to terminate. 

Thus, by renting out a villa in Spain, you can consistently earn from 4 to 8% of net profit.

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