• How do spaniards live and what type of housing do they buy?

    Spain has become one of the world’s best countries for immigration because of its climate, rich distinctive culture, friendly people, opportunities to study in high-quality schools and universities, and many other bonuses. The decision to settle in this Mediterranean country is the right step towards looking for and buying real estate. Let's look...

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  • Foreigners buying homes in Spain breaks records: who are these foreign investors and what are they choosing?

    At the end of 2021, foreigners bought the same amount of property in Spain as the same period in the last prosperous year before the pandemic. The first place for the number of transactions was by investors from the UK. In second place are German citizens. The Spanish property market is popular with international buyers. Traditionally, at least...

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  • A City, Suburb, or Countryside in Spain: Where Do Buyers Focus and Why?

    Everyone understands that purchasing a modern apartment in the center of Madrid and buying a small house in the village of Aínsa are two completely different things. Recently, Spain has begun to take the lead in the ranking of European countries with the highest demand for real estate. The most popular properties are in large cities and coastal...

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  • The most impressive and unknown places in Spain: What should investors pay attention to

    Investors who search for the best places to buy property in Spain are spoiled for choice. For decades, local cities, towns, and coastal resorts have been a favourite recreation base and second home for citizens of other countries. Some areas are better than others for rental profit while others promise high capital growth. Homebuyers come to Spain...

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  • Family reunifications in Spain

    If you have a Spanish residence permit or citizenship, you’re can get family reunification. You can bring your relatives to Spain, get a residence permit for them and find them a job. In this article, we’ll look at the basic requirements, documents, and other legal issues when a foreigner applies for family reunification in Spain...

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  • The Canary Islands are back in real estate developers’ sights with 2,800 new off-plan buildings

    Restrictions on labor movement, high construction costs, and a global lockdown have left their mark on the real estate market in the Canary Islands. They, as well as other Spanish coastal regions, suffered from declining sales during COVID-19. Slowly, the situation is returning to pre-pandemic levels. Property developers are starting to take on...

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  • How can a foreigner sell their apartment in Spain remotely?

    You need to consider some things when selling your Spanish real estate like how to evaluate the property, pay taxes, and make the sale process as short as possible. In the age of advanced information technology, you can sell real estate in Spain remotely. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the major stages of selling Spanish housing from...

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  • Costa Blanca

    Content: New buildings on the coast of Costa Blanca Housing and new construction projects in Costa Blanca Almanzor Adosados Sunset Waves Apartments, Benidorm Green 12 Delfin Tower New buildings on the coast of Costa Blanca Costa Blanca is a profitable choice for international real estate. This area of the Spanish Mediterranean...

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  • Online property viewing in Spain

    Many home hunters who select their overseas property online sooner or later face the need to go to the country where they are buying property for a viewing tour. A live inspection of the house and the neighbourhood is important as it allows you to make sure that the housing meets all your requirements. However, organizing an international trip is...

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  • Online property tour to Spain

    Online property viewing tours are a great alternative to trips to Spain when buying property. Spain-Real.Estate provides a virtual tour to properties offered on our website. Content: Buying property online Online viewing tours for Spain-Real.Estate properties 3D videos and video calls Real estate virtual tour options Arranging an online...

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