• Important points to remember when buying a secondary property from a company or bank in Spain?

    When buying a secondary property, you should study several aspects that will help you avoid risks. Content: The procedure for buying secondary real estate Purchasing secondary housing from a company Purchasing secondary housing from a bank Advantages and disadvantages of buying a second home Spain-Real.Estate will help you choose a property...

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  • Renovation in rented housing in Spain: what can we do and who pays for it?

    The autumn season means returning to work; it's the time to start new projects, change your place of residence, and pay attention to various situations related to rented housing. In Spain, according to the latest data published by INE, more than 3,200,000 tenants live in rented apartments and pay an average monthly price of 819 euro. In addition...

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  • Monte Leon in Maspalomas: luxury villas in a quiet location in Spain

    Content: Maspalomas Dunes El Oasis Lighthouse Maspalomas Tourist Beach Tourists Entertainments Maspalomas Hotels Monte Leon Real estate offers in Monte Leon Spain-Real.Estate will help you buy real estate in Spain Maspalomas Many tourist areas on the island of Gran Canaria are in the southern coastal region of Playa del Ingles and...

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  • Canary Islands: property review on whether or not to purchase real estate in the islands

    Content: The Canary Islands: an overview/An overview of the Canary Islands Advantages of purchasing real estate in the Canary Islands The housing market in the Canary Islands Real estate prices in the Canary Islands Choose to purchase an apartment in the Canary Islands The Canary Islands: an overview/An overview of the Canary Islands The...

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  • How to build a house in Spain?

    Spain is the 4th-largest country in the European Union and the 3rd-most visited country in the world. Today, the Spanish economy relies on the tourism sector. To meet tourist demands, Spain has a very active construction sector that accounts for 16.6% of the annual GDP; increasing foreign investment in first and second residences despite various...

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  • Downshifting in Spain: real estate for peace of mind

    Spain is one of the best places for a calm and measured life. An attractive and incredible climate, healthy and rich gastronomy, a variety of landscape views - from paradise beaches to gorgeous mountains - great history, high culture, rich languages, good quality of education and services, and amazing leisure make Spain one of the most...

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  • Investing in tourist real estate in Spain: risks and opportunities

    At the moment, the tourism sector in Spain has dropped significantly. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced the influx of foreign tourists over the past year and a half. This then resulted in an imbalance in the supply and demand in this sector. Moreover, restrictions within the country have further affected this imbalance, which is why...

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  • Attractive property in Orihuela Costa

    Orihuela Costa is a prestigious resort area and part of the municipality of Orihuela. It’s named after the center, which is the ancient city of the same name. This magnificent getaway is situated on the east coast of Spain, in Alicante, south of the famous Costa Blanca. This elite and expensive area attracts millions of visitors every year. It’s...

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  • Types of real estate in Spain: popular, unusual, strange

    There’s a great variety of different types of real estate in Spain. Interestingly, real estate was born centuries ago in another country and another culture. Yet, somehow these unusual/unconventional types of accommodation found their way to the Iberian island. Each of the 17 regions of Spain is unique, both with regards to who owns real estate...

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  • Co-living and condominiums: a new trend in the Spanish housing market

    Co-living is a residential community living model and is becoming popular in the Spanish housing market. This is a logical extension of coworking, a model that takes a step forward and unites people not only to work together but also to live together in a shared apartment. Content: Co-living — what is it about? Who needs it? From an...

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