• Is Investing in Spain’s Real Estate During this Period of Uncertainty Worthwhile?

    Spain is a dynamically developing country. It is popular among foreign investors due to its excellent climate and a large selection of real estate for investment on any budget. Just as in previous years, in 2022, Spanish real estate is in high demand among foreign nationals. Let us discuss which regions of Spain are most profitable to purchase a...

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  • Is it beneficial to invest in street retail in Spain?

    According to statistics for the first half of the year, the investment attractiveness of real estate in Spain continues to grow in 2022. Commercial premises with 10.9% profitability are the most profitable units. The hottest trend in the Spanish commercial real estate market is street retail. What it is, what profitability it brings, and how the...

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  • Which is more profitable for an investor: buying unoccupied premises or a ready-made business in Spain?

    Spain attracts foreign investors with its wonderful climate and well-developed economy. Many people decide to invest in residential real estate in Spain, as commercial properties provide ample opportunities for income generation. You can start a business by either purchasing an already existing firm or buying unoccupied premises and starting from...

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  • Buying real estate in Spain online

    How do you purchase real estate in Spain online? To achieve this, the buyer should hire a reliable agent who will support the transaction through all the steps of purchasing. Read this post to learn about the stages of closing the deal on a real estate purchase and sale transaction in Spain. Content: Appointing an authorized...

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  • “Unbroken and unconquered”: how is the Spanish real estate market doing in 2022?

    The market of Spanish real estate reached a peak in the fourth quarter of 2021, with the Costa del Sol region being particularly successful (where at least 91 residential units changed hands there every day). This post explores the situation in 2022. Content: How was the Spanish market developing last year? Price growth in the residential...

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  • Exclusive for the elite: what is the most luxury property in Spain?

    When considering the most prestigious real estate in Spain, many people are incorrectly referring to modern apartments in the heart of Madrid or Barcelona. Members of high society are interested in elite housing properties in the southern part of the country, specifically in the Costa del Sol region. It is situated between Sotogrande and Estepona...

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  • The buyer of real estate in Spain – who is he?

    Real estate in Spain is one of the most investment-attractive property markets in Europe, and the high demand from investors in 2021 is proof of this. The number of transactions with both Spanish and overseas buyers has been growing rapidly, despite the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how the coronavirus infection has boosted demand...

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  • The most expensive areas to buy a house in Spain

    Many people choose their future home based on how well the infrastructure is developed, how pleasant it is to live in the area, and the crime situation. Often, cost estimation helps to answer all these questions, as the more expensive apartments in Spain are, the more prosperous and developed the area where they are located will be. The price may...

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  • Calculation: we calculate the optimal threshold for entering the real estate market in Spain

    Spain traditionally attracts foreign investors and its real estate is popular and in demand among citizens of Great Britain and Spain. These countries are the leaders in the number of transactions among foreigners. According to the Spanish real estate registry, by the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of transactions by foreigners achieved the...

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  • Real estate in the Balearic Islands: calculating the purchase cost and associated costs

    When buying property in Mallorca, the parties involved in the transaction face associated costs in the form of taxes, charges for the notary and lawyer, and various other fees. Let us review the once-off and fixed additional costs that occur in the process of acquiring Spanish housing. Content: Expenses with the sale of a property Personal...

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