• Results of the year: key events in the world of real estate in Spain, forecast for 2023

    After one of its best periods, the real estate market in Spain is showing signs of slowing down as the end of 2022 approaches. Both the volume of sales and prices have started to decline slightly, although the overall indicators remain high. Given that clouds are still gathering on the global political and economic horizon, it’s still difficult to...

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  • Five numbers that will please Spanish property investors

    Real estate in Spain is one of the most investment-appealing assets on the international market. Spanish residential and commercial property owners can expect stable rental income and good capital gains. These factors are supported by figures that local real estate investors will undoubtedly find pleasing. Content: Investment in the hotel...

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  • Buying a studio apartment in Spain: pros and cons

    Spain attracts tourists, and the figures clearly show this: in the first 10 months of 2022, 63,000,000 people visited the country. Studios are a popular accommodation option for tourists. The opportunity to receive legal recurring income through rental housing is one of the main arguments in favour of buying a studio in Spain...

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  • Five Steps to Check Property in Spain Before Buying

    Buying a property is a complex process, especially if the real estate unit is located overseas. If you want to buy property in Spain, be prepared for the fact that almost all transactions are performed with the help of realtors, and contracts for expensive properties in popular resort regions are accompanied by lawyers. Moreover, both the seller...

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  • Real Estate in Spain: Which Locations Bring the Highest Return on Investment in 2022

    Real estate in Spain is an investment-attractive asset that, with the right approach, will skyrocket in value and generate high rental income. The main thing the buyer should pay attention to when looking for a residential unit is the location. Although this sunny country is generally a successful tourist destination, some of its cities are more...

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  • Aspects of buying and selling real estate in Spain for the Russians in the face of sanctions

    Unfortunately, many Russians have been affected in some way by the recent political and economic events that have occurred around the world over the past few months. One of the unpleasant effects of the sanctions against the Russian Federation was that players in the Spanish real estate market sought to capitalise on the panic caused by the...

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  • Risk Assessment of Real Estate Investments, with Spain as an Example

    Before investing in real estate in Spain, the buyer needs to conduct some research. The first task would be to identify the risks associated with the purchase of a housing unit. In addition, it would be necessary to take action to prevent future problems. The investor will save money and receive the anticipated profit on time with the help of a...

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  • TOP 5 Reasons to Move to Spain: Why This Sunny Country Attracts Expats

    When you hear the word "Spain", many positive images come to mind. Great weather, amazing cuisine, and friendly people - these three factors alone are enough for some to consider the country an idyllic paradise. That is why so many ex-pats, from all over the world, live here. Of course, it is not only the abundance of sunlight, delicious food and...

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  • Choosing a property in Spain after selling a house in your native country: what options does the foreign buyer have?

    Against the background of the difficult political and economic situation in the country, more and more foreign nationals from Germany are deciding to sell their home and move abroad. And many people prefer Spain, a sunny place that attracts expats with its coastal areas and peaceful villages. The mild climate, relatively inexpensive housing and...

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  • The most frequent questions of real estate buyers in Spain

    People who decide to buy real estate in Spain, as a rule, have questions about how to conclude a deal and own foreign real estate. Below are detailed answers to the most common questions. Content: What taxes do I have to pay when buying a property in Spain? Do I need a NIE to buy a property in Spain? How long does it take to buy a property in...

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