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Real estate in Tenerife

The demand for property in Tenerife, especially villas, is explained by a combination of favorable factors. Warm weather all year round is one of them. Regardless of the season, the temperature here does not drop below + 20 ℃. Local attractions are no less attractive for tourists: Teide Nature Reserve, Loro Park and others. This place is suitable for everyone who admires the idea of relaxing on a picturesque island with unique flora and fauna, unspoiled beaches and interesting memorable places.

In quiet areas, you will find peace and tranquility that cannot be found in a big city. If you prefer outdoor activities, watersports, nightlife and mountain climbing — all this is also abundantly presented on the Canary Island.

The island’s real estate market is diverse. There are houses and plots of low and medium price segment depending on preferences, and there are luxury villas and cottages with unique architecture and interior decoration.

Real Estate Investment in Tenerife

Buying property in Tenerife, is always a profitable investment. The houses and villas here are inclusive, you can choose options for both families with children and retirees among them. You can live on your own or turn real estate into a source of permanent income. Due to the favorable location of the island, its international popularity and excellent facilities quality, accommodation on the island will always be in value.

Tenerife Property prices

Despite the island uniqueness and the high property quality, the cost of Spanish property in Tenerife is quite affordable. On average, Tenerife real estate price in 2021 of 1m² in the secondary market is 1.3 thousand euro. Typically, these apartments are located in close vicinity to key island infrastructure. The cheapest accommodation type is one-bedroom apartments and small studios. The cost of villas starts from 500 000 euros. Buying property in Tenerife for this amount, the buyer can expect to receive a golden investor visa. If you are interested in becoming an owner of Spanish property for investments and permanent residence on the largest island of the Canary archipelago, prices in rubles, euros, dollars can be viewed on the website of the Spain-Real.Estate aggregator.

Property for sale in Tenerife

Property in Tenerife, offers luxurious leisure facilities. Picturesque nature and favourable prices make this place a popular tourist destination and an attractive property investment asset for businessmen from all over the world. Experts will tell you how to buy property in Spain.

Our experts will tell you how to buy property in Tenerife.

We will help you buy property in Tenerife

Buying property in Tenerife for foreigners is not only a great opportunity to make your dream of living in a sunny country come true, but also an excellent investment decision. On this path, you will certainly need the help of professionals in their field. Spain-Real.Estate specialists will help you buy property in Spain in a new building and help with all the necessary documents.