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Apartments from the developer in Spain

If we are talking about real estate in Spain, we should pay special attention to apartments in new buildings. New buildings in Spain from a developer are not only an opportunity to buy a new apartment or house, but also a successful investment in Spanish real estate.

The primary real estate market in Spain for investment and permanent residence is developing very rapidly. Every year, a large number of new apartment buildings, entire residential complexes, villas and townhouses are built in each region. The demand for new buildings is constantly growing, because this is an excellent investment in real estate with the highest possible profitability and rental potential.

Apartments and flats at the developer’s price

Prices for residential properties from the developer strongly depend on its type, location, distance from the sea and the surrounding infrastructure. The most expensive and prestigious is considered to be a new property in Barcelona, its near suburbs and on the Costa Brava. But the Costa Dorada, on the contrary, is famous for its democracy and accessibility. At the same time, the quality of construction of new expensive villas in Sagaro and budget apartments in Sitges is always equally high.

Buying an apartment in new buildings in Spain, you get many advantages:

  • Increased comfort. New apartments and houses are always a well-thought-out layout, functionality and economical space use. The new construction is carried out using energy — saving technologies and modern building materials, which provides excellent heat and sound insulation, a comfortable microclimate in any weather.
  • Individual solutions. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the layout of the apartment, materials for finishing and household appliances.
  • Material benefit. Prices for apartments in new buildings in Spain are often more interesting than for secondary objects, especially when buying at the initial stage of construction.
  • Warranty service. Developers in Spain is responsible for the quality of the rented housing and is obliged to eliminate all defects and malfunctions of the installed equipment within 1–2 years.
  • Saving maintenance costs. Utility bills in new apartments are significantly lower due to low energy consumption — new equipment, thermal insulation and solar panels installed on the roofs can significantly reduce electricity consumption.

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