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Land plots for sale in Spain

Land in Spain is the best solution for those who want to design a house or business facility that fully meets individual requirements. Spanish land market contains many proposals - from pre-allocated plots in urban agglomeration to territories where it is possible to organize your own enterprise, open objects of the agricultural sector or eco-tourism.

Development land for sale in Spain is one of the most profitable options for buying real estate in Spain. Perhaps you are an active person and want to try your hand at building a house or non-residential building on your own land, or you want to invest in a promising project. In any case, it will be an investment in a stable economy of a developed country, one of the leading in the European Union.

Land plots in Spain are especially attractive: picturesque nature, Mediterranean climate and affordability (in comparison with many other regions of the European Union).

Buying a land plot in Spain is an opportunity to profitably invest money and move to live in a country with great development prospects.

Land prices in Spain

Sale of land in Spain is carried out at different rates. The following factors affect the transaction value:

  • Purpose. The most expensive plots are of the Urbana category. They are registered in the topographic map of the city, have a building permit and are located within easy reach of the city's communications. Urbanizable is a suburb, located next to the village, but the documentation for them does not have a building permit, requires additional costs to be included in the inventory. Rustica are non-building plots for subsistence farming.
  • Features of the area. The cost of the transaction is reduced by the price of excavation required for leveling the site, the construction of irrigation and strengthening facilities on it.
  • Region. It is possible to buy development land in Spain inexpensively at some distance from popular tourist centers. In the resort area, it is almost impossible to acquire a plot on the first coastline due to official government restrictions.

Land in Spain for investment

Are you considering to buy land in Spain for construction or choosing another region? Based on our experience, Spain-Real.Estate recommends giving preference to the first option for the following reasons:

  1. Unique climatic. Spain is a combination of mountains, sea and fertile valleys. The climate of the peninsula provides ideal, comfortable conditions not only for people, but also for the majority of plants that are exotic for Russians - lemons, oranges, grapes and others. The proximity of the ocean provides residents with seafood delicacies - fish, shrimp and other inhabitants of the depths. The cattle raised on the slopes of the Pyrenees are considered one of the best and tastiest due to the conditions of their keeping. All this wealth is available to any resident due to the low price. A step to buy land in Spain for investment and construction is a way to get unlimited access to the most naturally gifted part of the planet.
  2. Loyal attitude to foreign investors on the part of the state. One of the main points of the government's program to bring the country out of the 2008 economic crisis was the relaxation of requirements for foreign citizens who plan to purchase land or real estate. One of them is a simplified procedure to obtain a residence permit.
  3. In Spain, land prices are the lowest in the EU. Buying a land plot in Spain is several times cheaper than in countries less affected by the crisis. At the same time, the region remains attractive for investments due to the maintenance of the European standard of living in the country, the multiply increasing flow of tourists and subventions to the production of natural food products. In recent years, prices for Spanish land plots and other types of real estate have started to grow steadily, reaching levels, depending on the sector, in the 6-11% level, which indicates a high investment potential.

We will help you buy land in Spain

Knowledge and experience in the real estate market allows Spain-Real.Estate aggregator to find profitable and practical solutions for each client. We not only select land in Spain, but also provide full support for the transaction - from showing objects to the customer to settling all legal formalities with the transfer of property rights and payment of the necessary taxes and fees. Contact Spain-Real.Estate to find out if it is possible to fulfill your desire to buy a land plot in Spain, the procedure for buying land and the final cost of the transaction, taking into account mandatory payments. All prices in euro, dollars are presented at our website.