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Real estate in Mallorca, Spain

Buying property in Mallorca for investments or constant residence means giving yourself an unforgettable life experience on an island with unspoiled beaches and a Mediterranean climate away from the bustle of the city. The largest island of the Balearic archipelago offers all the conditions for a measured, but at the same time varied vacation, where everyone can feel harmony with nature or plunge into the radiance of the nightlife. Our specialists will help you find perfect property in Spain: there is a variety of offers from developers and real estate agencies.

Real Estate Investment in Mallorca

Property in Mallorca, Spain has great investment potential. It is a popular international resort with a large tourist flow. Many of those who come here on vacation prefer to rent private accommodation to hotel vacations. Due to this, property in Mallorca is highly liquid for foreign citizens.

Mallorca Property prices

The average cost of property in Mallorca, Spain is fluctuating around € 500 thousand. Such an investment guarantees the buyer and their family members a Spanish residence permit, as well as the opportunity to freely dispose of their property. The price for an apartment with 2 bedrooms is about € 550 thousand. If you are interested in more spacious options, we offer luxurious 3 bedroom apartments with designer decoration to your attention, right in the central part of the island with the cost of about € 1 million. Exclusive villas with panoramic windows and gorgeous views of the sea will cost around € 12 million.

Property for sale in Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Buy property in Mallorca: houses, villas on Balearic Islands are an excellent choice for those looking to find a personal paradise for living alone or with family, and at the same time a smart investment. Mallorca has all the civilization benefits, developed infrastructure and property variety. Depending on your preferences and financial possibilities, here you can find both budget options, houses of the middle price category, and elite objects — luxury villas with private beaches.

Despite the difficult situation in the world and the economic crisis, Mallorca continues to confidently maintain its position in property market. The VIP property segment is of particular interest to foreign buyers. There is also a steady demand in the commercial property market, which is now being bought by investors from all over the world. The autonomous status of Mallorca allows you to calmly regulate prices while fueling demand in the market.

The most demanded property categories in Mallorca:

  • apartments (all price categories);
  • luxury villas;
  • detached houses;
  • bungalows and townhouses located in elite areas;
  • land plots for building.

We will help you buy property in Mallorca, Spain

You can find trusted real estate agencies in Spain, find accommodation with all the amenities and get advice on any issue of buying and selling property in Mallorca on the website aggregator Spain-Real.Estate.