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Apartments for sale in Denia, Costa Blanca

Are you interested in a suitable place to buy property in Spain? Pay attention to the Spanish apartments in Denia. Buying apartments in Denia for investment and permanent residence will allow you to enjoy a comfortable climate, visit interesting tourist areas and live in your own pleasure, regardless of the time of year. On the other hand, local real estate can become a reliable investment asset that can be profitably sold or rented out.

Denia is an ancient and incredibly colorful city in Spain, located on the Costa Blanca. According to numerous reviews, the climate in Denia is the most comfortable for living. In confirmation of this, a monument has been erected in the city. Flats for sale in Denia in all respects meets the standards of Spanish real estate, which is why housing here is so popular among those who want to buy a house in Spain.

There is a constant flow of tourists in this city. This is due to the long holiday season, which lasts from spring to late autumn. Along the coast of the Costa Blanca there are clean and well-maintained beaches. On the left side – the golden sandy beach "Las Marinas", on the young side-beaches with a pebble beach and clear water. Here you can go diving with great pleasure.

Prices for apartments in Denia 

You can buy apartments in Denia with a mortgage to a foreigner directly from the owner or through a trusted bank. Since the local legislation closely monitors the legality of the purchase and sale, all transactions here are safe.

Compared to other regions of Spain, the cost of apartments in Denia is cheaper. For example, Las Marinas is a low-rise development area. It sells well-appointed apartments and flats in Denia. You can buy a 3-room flat on the coastline in the region of €250 thousand.

Housing on the 2nd and 3rd lines costs about €2 thousand per 1 square meter. The minimum price for a one-room apartment is €80 thousand. Apartments and flats in Denia near the beach will cost from €120 thousand to €300 thousand.

For a spacious view apartment, you will have to pay around €1 million.

Investment in apartments in Denia 

Real estate in Denia is very popular with locals and foreigners. Favorable climatic and economic conditions, a developed tourist sector, as well as an extensive housing market have made Denia one of the most sought-after cities in Spain for living and doing business.

Buying flats in Denia is a potentially profitable investment that will pay off very quickly due to constant demand. If necessary, you can always resell the apartment and get a solid income on the price difference.

We will help you buy apartments in Denia, Spain 

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