Apartments and flats in Catalonia

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Apartments for sale in Catalonia, Spain

Apartments in Catalonia for investment and permanent residence are popular with investors and tourists who want to buy property in Spain. Spanish flats in Catalonia attract with their variety and interior decoration.

Catalonia is an autonomous community, as well as a popular tourist destination. Every year, thousands of people come here in search of a rich and active holiday. It is the most popular and affluent community in Spain. Catalonia is located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula. The beaches of the Costa Brava and the ski resorts brought her worldwide fame and public love.

Many tourists who once visited here, later choose Catalonia as their second home. This is not surprising: a comfortable Mediterranean climate, rich nature, fresh air, picturesque landscapes, coupled with a high standard of living, a variety of historical sites and cultural attractions will not leave indifferent the most selective people in terms of leisure activities.

Apartment prices in Catalonia

The cost of apartments in Catalonia can hardly be called cheap. The average cost of housing in the secondary market here is one and a half to two times higher than in other regions of Spain.

At the beginning of 2021, the average price for 1 square meter of housing was €2,050, while the average for Spain was €1,800.

What determines the price of real estate in Catalonia:

  • high demand for apartments and flats with a residence permit;
  • economically advantageous geographical location (near France);
  • high standard of living, developed recreation and infrastructure;
  • comfortable climatic conditions;
  • most of the view properties and houses are located on the coastlines;
  • availability of beaches.

The real estate market in Catalonia is developed, you can find an option for every taste

  • apartments for foreigners;
  • flats for expats;
  • studios;
  • townhouses;
  • villas;
  • cottages with swimming pools;
  • luxury villas.

Two-bedroom flats for sale in Catalonia will cost on average from €150 to €250 thousand.

However, it is also quite possible to find housing within the range of €100 thousand. For this price, you will get a 1-room apartment in Lloret de Mar or in Salou.

As for the villas, they can cost from €300 thousand to several tens of millions depending on the location and individual characteristics of the object.

Investment in apartments in Catalonia

In terms of return on investment, apartments in Catalonia have great economic potential.

The most popular are the houses on the Costa Brava. Here, most often come those who are interested in houses for sale in Spain. Here, you can fully enjoy the local color, nature, sandy beaches and other numerous gifts of Spain.

No less popular properties are sold in the south of Catalonia, on the Costa Dorada.

To buy apartments in Catalonia means to make an investment in an object with high liquidity, which, if necessary, can always be monetized by renting or reselling. 

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