Apartments and flats in Lloret de Mar

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Apartments for sale in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

To all who plan to buy a property in Spain, we advise you to pay attention to Lloret de Mar. Even in the conditions of the global crisis, the local market managed to survive and remain active.

Lloret de Mar is a popular resort located in the southern part of the Costa Brava. This is one of the most popular tourist centers in Spain, where you can relax and do business. Apartments in Lloret de Mar for investment and permanent residence combine unsurpassed quality and comfort with pleasant prices. If you dream of becoming a host houses in Spain, it will be interesting to pay attention to local real estate objects.

Spanish flats in Lloret de Mar on the prestigious Costa Brava are just an hour's drive from Barcelona. They have everything you need to start a new life. In general, housing in the city belongs to the middle class. The formation of prices is influenced by a set of factors, the main of which are: the location of the object, the term and quality of construction, as well as the total living area, the quality of repairs and household equipment. The city is in constant demand among those who want to buy flats in Lloret de Mar.

Real estate agencies in Spain meets the best characteristics, which determines its profitability.

Apartment prices in Lloret de Mar

It is quite possible to buy apartments and flats in Lloret de Mar with a mortgage for a foreigner. The initial rate for a one-room apartment is €100 thousand. This is the minimum price threshold for entering the real estate market, below which it is unlikely to find an object with decent conditions.

The average cost of apartments in Lloret de Mar in comfortable apartments in a new building with 2 bedrooms is from €180 thousand to €200 thousand.

Studios and one-room apartments will cost less – from €100 thousand – €150 thousand.

Penthouse in a residential complex with infrastructure – from €300 thousand.

Luxury villas belong to a separate segment of real estate in Lloret de Mar. The minimum price for villas here is €2 million, the maximum - from €20 million or more.

Investment in apartments in Lloret de Mar 

Buying apartments in Lloret de Mar is a reliable help for living in a new country and a profitable investment with a high return on investment. Economically and practically, this is the ideal solution.

You can buy apartments and flats in Lloret de Mar with a residence permit, or you can monetize your property by renting it out for short and long term. The first option is more profitable, since the demand for housing is much higher during the holiday season, and the second one is more reliable and stable. Regardless of which option you prefer, the apartment can always be resold and earn income on the price difference. Every year, housing in Lloret de Mar becomes more expensive by several percent, increasing the chances of getting a higher profit. Buying apartments and flats in Lloret de Mar both for foreigners and expats with our help is much easier than you think.

We will help you buy apartments in Lloret de Mar, Spain

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