Villas in Barcelona

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Villas for sale in Barcelona, Spain

Real estate in Spain is varied both in type and individual characteristics, as well as in location. Modern villas in Barcelona are very popular internationally. Villas in Barcelona to a foreigner combines excellent living conditions, a good location in relation to the sea and urban infrastructure at a reasonable price.

A step to buy a villa in Barcelona on a mortgage to a foreigner means getting the opportunity to visit the desired country at any time of the year, relax on the Mediterranean coast and fully enjoy life. Plus, you can always start renting out your real estate and thus receive a stable income.

What are the other benefits to buy property in Barcelona?

  • Simplified process to obtain residence permit;
  • Loyal legislative and legal framework in relation to foreigners;
  • Developed tourism conditions;
  • Lots of interesting places for recreation;
  • Free attendance at world-class sporting events.

Villas investment in Barcelona, Catalonia

Buying a villa in Barcelona with a residence permit is a popular practice, especially among those who regularly spend their holidays there and are seriously planning a move. On the other hand, buying a villa can be a potentially profitable investment with a quick payback. You can live here on your own with your family, or you can run a business by renting out housing for short- or long-term rent. Villas in Barcelona for investment and permanent residence by the sea account for the bulk of the demand, therefore such properties have high liquidity. They are in demand, so their cost is constantly growing. Provided that you rent out your housing, you can get a stable income in the amount of 4 - 8% per annum.

You can earn decent money on villas resale. Their cost annually increases by several percent, which means that in a few years the object can be sold and a profit can be made on the difference in prices.

Villa prices in Barcelona

The minimum cost of villas in Barcelona is € 550 thousand. The average price is € 1.5 million - € 3 million for comfortable villas ranging from 600 to 800 m².

High-end villas, fully furnished, with a private pool and private access to the beach are sold for € 7 million or more.

Are you interested in villas in Barcelona? Prices in euros, dollars, roubles can be found on Spain-Real.Estate.

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