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Villas for sale in Madrid, Spain

Modern villas in Madrid are the epitome of sophistication and quality. Unsurprisingly, many of those who have once been to Madrid and vacationed in a villa are now planning to buy property in Spain. A step to buy a villa in Madrid on a mortgage to a foreigner means making a smart investment in your future. Villas in Madrid for investment and permanent residence will expand the possibilities of recreation and provide an opportunity for doing business in the desired country with comfortable climatic and economic conditions.

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, as well as its cultural and historical center and one of the most visited tourist cities. The most popular area of Madrid is the Centro. There are most of all sights, interesting tourist places, bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and other strategically important places here.

The second most popular, but not least important, is the Salamanca area. Here is the highest concentration of luxury real estate. It is in Salamanca that world-class stars live, high society from all over the world comes here. Salamanca has many shops and boutiques of branded clothing, expensive restaurants, closed discos and exclusive nightclubs.

Another interesting area is Moraleja, located in the north of Madrid. Here houses and villas are bought by stars of television, cinema and sports.

Modern areas of Spain with prestigious residential properties - La Finca and Moncloa. The Prime Minister of Spain lives here. These districts are also home to student campuses, home to students from leading universities in Spain.

Villa prices in Madrid

Commercial interest is one of the main factors in the formation of sustainable consumer demand for buying villas in Madrid for expats. Many seek to move here for a new life, while someone wants to combine business with pleasure and start renting out housing.

The price range for housing in Madrid is quite wide. Here you can find both budget and luxury housing.

The main percentage of villas communities are located in the suburban areas of Madrid, the cost of an object in them is from € 300-350 thousand and above. Villas area is from 2 to 8 bedrooms.

The cost of villas in Madrid of a 132 m² with 3 bedrooms, a private pool and a neat plot is around € 300 000 - € 350 000.

A 2-storey villa of 140 m² with 4 bedrooms, a private plot of 282 m², a garage and a garden will cost € 1.3 million.

Lowest Real Estate Regions are the following: Las Vegas, Cuenca del Medio Jarama, Cuenca del Henares

Regions with the most expensive properties are: Area Metropolitana de Madrid, Sierra Oeste, Cuenca del Guadarrama.

The average cost of 1 m² is € 2 482.

Villas investment in Madrid

Strong demand, and, as a result, great investment potential, draw attention to the Madrid villas of investors from all over the world in terms of buying a villa in Madrid with a residence permit. The positive dynamics of the real estate market is fueled by holidaymakers from England, France and other countries. It is they who stimulate the market, increasing the liquidity of objects, and, consequently, their price.

Comfortable economic climate of Madrid, as well as the loyal attitude of the government towards foreign businessmen, allows you to start making money on the rental and resale of villas, even to those who had no previous experience in this matter.

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