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Villas for sale in Alicante, Spain

Modern Spanish villas in Alicante are widely known throughout the world for their quality and excellent living conditions. That is why many of those who plan to buy real estate in Spain for leisure and family life are looking for it in the housing market in Alicante. On the other hand, there are no fewer common cases when foreigners buy villas in Alicante for investment and permanent residence in order to receive passive income and stay in the territory of the desired country. A step to buy a villa in Alicante on a mortgage to a foreigner means getting the opportunity to settle in a country with a warm climate, rich history, unique flavor, optimal political and economic conditions.

Alicante is a city and administrative center of Spain, which is located along the Mediterranean coast. There are many well-groomed beaches with clean sand and sun loungers, beautiful views and many stunning properties that represent quality-to-price ratio. Buying villas in Alicante with a residence permit is very popular here largely due to its area, favorable location relative to the strategic parts of the city, the number of rooms, beautiful sea views and proximity to nature.

Villas investment in Alicante, Costa Blanca

Villas in Alicante to a foreigner is a smart and fully justified investment. The high demand for this type of housing from the local population and holidaymakers from other countries make it not only liquid, but also an incredibly valuable independent asset, the value of which increases by several percent annually. So, for example, to get a stable profit, you can rent out a villa for short-term rent to tourists who come here for the season. Another option is long term rentals. Rent can bring from 4 to 8% of net profit per year. The third option is to resell the property and benefit from the price difference. However, to do this it is necessary to keep the villa in ownership for several years.

Villa prices in Alicante

The cost of villas in Alicante may vary depending on the location, species and individual characteristics of the object.

The average price range of villas in Alicante is from € 200 thousand to several million euros.

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