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Villas for sale in Valencia, Spain

Villas in Valencia to foreigners is one of the most sought-after types of housing and a popular option among those planning to buy property in Spain. The villa allows you to fully experience all holiday delights in sunny Spain. Here you can relax on your own or with a large family. In addition, you can always start renting out your real estate to visitors and thus receive passive income.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and also its cultural capital with a lot of attractions and interesting places to visit. These factors have largely become decisive in terms of tourism sector development and formation of sustainable demand for local housing.

Modern villas in Valencia are almost as in demand as apartments in new buildings in Spain, with the only exception that flats and apartments are mainly bought by single people and small families, while villas are widely popular with large families and companies. Villas are located in coastal areas, which are often far from the center, and therefore from the noise of the city. Here you can feel the unity with nature, feel peace and tranquility.

Buying a villa in Valencia with a residence permit will allow you to get an invaluable experience of living in another country and will give you the opportunity to expand the horizons of your activities.

Villa prices in Valencia

The initial cost of villas in Valencia is € 420 thousand. For this price you will receive an excellent object of at least 180 m² with three bedrooms and a private pool.

For € 890 000 you can buy a spacious 445 m² villa with 6 bedrooms.

Villas from € 1.5 million to € 8 million offer opportunities to play on the golf course, visit the beach freely, which is literally a few meters away, and enjoy all the benefits of premium housing. 

Villas investment in Valencia

Villas in Valencia for investment and permanent residence is a profitable business with a potential return on investment within a few years. The guarantor is a developed real estate market and high demand both among visitors and among the Spanish population. For these reasons, villas prices are steadily increasing every year, expanding the opportunities for overseas investors.

You can rent out your house for short- or long-term rent. In the first case, during the holiday season, you can help out the maximum profit and ensure yourself a comfortable stay for a year in advance. Long-term rentals are inferior in terms of profitability, but they are notable for their stability. Due to the contract with the tenant, you get a guarantee that the object is guaranteed not to be idle for a long period.

Rental income can reach 4-8% per annum.

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