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Villas for sale in Torrevieja, Spain

Buying real estate in Spain means getting the opportunity to relax in a country with a mild climate, rich history and luxurious recreational conditions. This is especially true for the city of Torrevieja. Local real estate is amazing with a variety of properties and prices. Modern Spanish villas in Torrevieja are very popular with foreigners and native Spaniards who prefer to relax in comfort.

Torrevieja is a city and municipality in the province of Alicante, as well as a popular destination for international tourism, especially among citizens of Russia and the CIS. Torrevieja is located in the south of the Costa Blanca, just 50 km from Alicante. For tourists, this place is attractive because of mild climate and affordable housing prices. Here you can find an inexpensive villa, the price of which will fully correspond to the quality.

There are extensive citrus plantations not far from the city, from where fresh fruit is supplied to the markets of Torrevieja and throughout Spain all year round.

Torrevieja brings together citizens from all over the world on its territory, including immigrants from Russia, who managed to form a strong community - the largest in southern Spain. Thanks to this, Russian-speakers here easily and quickly adapt to life in a new country and successfully assimilate when they buy villas in Torrevieja near the beach.

Villa prices in Torrevieja

Buying a villa in Torrevieja with a residence permit is much more affordable than it seems at first glance. Here are some of the lowest housing prices on the entire Costa Blanca. So, for example, for 50 m², on average, you can pay from € 45 - € 50 thousand.

The cost of villas in Torrevieja starts from € 100 thousand and can reach several million, depending on the individual characteristics of the object. On average, a villa with 5 rooms will cost about € 450 000.

Villas investment in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca

The range of villas in Torrevieja is extensive. Here everyone will find an object that will satisfy any need. Every year, thousands of tourists come here, many of whom prefer to stay in a rented accommodation in a hotel, in a location that you can choose on your own. It is they who form the high demand for this segment of real estate. Accordingly, investing in villas in Torrevieja is a potentially profitable investment that can pay off in a few years.

You can use the villa as a stable source of income by renting it out, or you can resell it and get income from the price difference. The first option will provide a steady income that covers basic needs. As for the second option, you will have to wait several years before the price of housing rises, and only then you can sell it.

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