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Houses for sale in Madrid, Spain

Buying a house in Madrid with a residence permit will be the best solution for those who are looking for a way to save and increase their capital or settle in a new country with comfortable economic conditions. A country house by the sea popular real estate in Spain is popular with tourists, as such properties provide a full range of opportunities for a rich holiday. Unlike staying in a hotel, here you are free to manage your own time, create your own daily routine, etc. Thanks to this, private homes are always in demand.

Madrid is the cultural and political center and capital of Spain. The most popular area of Madrid is the Center (Centro). It is here that most of the attractions are concentrated, the best shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants are located. In addition to them, there is a lot of real estate here. This area is particularly attractive in terms of new housing - the most active apartments for sale in new buildings in Spain.

The second most popular is Salamanca, the center of luxury real estate. The beau monde from all over Spain and the world comes to Salamanca. There are also brand boutiques, fashionable restaurants, night clubs and a lot of other locations where you can relax.

The northern part of Madrid is popular with celebrities, Spanish politicians and athletes from international football and basketball teams.

Moncloa and La Finca are modern and prestigious areas of Spain in Madrid, where it is pleasant to relax and live comfortably.

House prices in Madrid

Real estate in Madrid, undoubtedly, deserves attention, but despite all its diversity and status it is not so popular with people from Russia and the CIS. This is largely due to the peculiarities of the territorial location of the city, as a result of which there is no sea and beaches. Our compatriots are primarily focused on resort housing with all its advantages.

However, rural real estate in Madrid definitely deserves your attention. The main demand for country houses comes from people who want to move to Spain for permanent residence or to do business.

The price range for houses in Madrid is quite wide: the price of real estate in Madrid in rural areas starts from €165,000. The cost may vary depending on the specific location and features of each individual object.

Large houses with 3 or more rooms cost about €560,000. Houses with their own plot, garage, swimming pool and increased living space can reach a price of from a couple of million to several tens of millions of euros. Check the current prices in rubles, euros, and dollars on the website Spain-Real.Estate.

House investment in Madrid

Houses in Madrid for investment and permanent residence are increasingly attracting the attention of foreign investors. The reason for this is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the desired country and getting a stable income. When buying Madrid home, there are several ways to monetize it: short-term and long-term rental or resale. You can quickly get your initial investment thanks to the high demand for housing among holidaymakers.

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You can find a desirable home in Madrid on the website Spain-Real.Estate, one of the largest aggregators of Spanish real estate. A convenient search is carried out by a dozen available parameters that will help you filter only relevant queries that are suitable for price, location, property type and number of rooms.