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Houses for sale in Catalonia, Spain

Spanish housing with a sea view is valued in the international residential real estate market. Houses in Catalonia are popular real estate in Spain. Spanish houses in Catalonia offer all the conditions for a comfortable stay and rest. Most of them have convenient layouts, repairs, some offer a beautiful view of the sea or the natural landscape. Many tourists consciously prefer Catalonia, because here there is an indescribable atmosphere of real Spain.

Why Catalonia? The autonomous community of Catalonia is a world-famous tourist destination, a popular resort and just a picturesque place of Spain. Every year, thousands of tourists come here in search of entertainment and different activities. Catalonia is located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula. The cleanest beaches of the Costa Brava and first-class ski resorts have brought the city worldwide fame and love.

Many of those who once had the opportunity to visit Catalonia, come back here again to relax or even settle down, so the opportunity for investment and permanent residence in Catalonia is always in demand and profitable. The mild Mediterranean climate, rich flora, nature, clean air and beaches, fascinating landscapes, as well as a high standard of living make this place one of the best for living and quality leisure time.

Prices for a country house in Catalonia, Spain

Real estate prices in Catalonia is not low. The average cost of objects on the secondary market is 1.5-2 times higher than in other regions of Spain. In the first half of 2021, the price for 1 square meter of housing was €2,051, while the average price in Spain is €1,800.

The high cost of housing in Catalonia is due to a number of reasons:

  • High demand for secondary and primary market facilities;
  • Favorable economic and geographical location (proximity to France);
  • High standard of living;
  • Developed urban infrastructure;
  • Rich recreational resources;
  • A lot of houses are located on the coastline;
  • Houses near the beach.

You can buy a house in Catalonia with all amenities in the range of 345-500 thousand euros. Depending on the individual characteristics of a particular object, the price may vary up or down. For a house with its own plot, swimming pool, convenient location to the beach and urban infrastructure, you will have to pay about 800 thousand euros. Premium class houses can reach several million euros in price.

Investing in houses of Catalonia

If you want to buy a house in Catalonia with a residence permit from the point of view of the return on investment, it will pay off within a few years. Due to the high demand for country real estate, in particular for houses by the sea, such housing is constantly growing in price.

You can monetize houses by renting them out to visitors or the local population. As practice shows, the most profitable is a short-term rental during the holiday season. The most reliable is a long-term rental.

The most sought-after Spanish houses for sale are located in the south of Catalonia, on the Costa Dorada.

Buying Catalonia home means investing in a high-yield property that can always be rented out or resold, earning income from the difference in price. 

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