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Real estate in the Canary Islands

Real estate in the Canary Islands is an ideal opportunity for those looking for comfort, mild climate all year round, reasonable real estate prices and European way of life and services. The greatest variety of real estate is offered by the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria: villas, apartments, bungalow, commercial real estate. Everyone will find real estate in the Canary Islands according to their own taste and budget.

Real Estate Investment in the Canary Islands

Rental investors can get the most out of buying real estate in the Canary Islands for investments or constant residence. A significant plus in the payback box will be an opportunity to rent an object all year round, due to climate peculiarities. Rental earning capacity is 5–7% per annum of the real estate price.

Canary Islands Property Prices

Despite the demand for Canarian real estate, Canary Islands real estate prices 2021 are even lower than the Spanish average. This is largely due to the lack of stable work for the local population — the Spaniards. Mainly, wealthy people from all over the world live here who can afford their vacation more often than once a year.

The cost of Spanish property for foreigners in the Canary Islands can be € 45- € 50 thousand. For those who need a 2-room apartment for renting out or for independent living, here it will cost from € 80- € 100 thousand.

If you are interested in the rest of the property in the Canary Islands, prices in euros, dollars, peseta can be found on the website of the Spain-Real.Estate aggregator.

The average price for 1 m² of real estate in 2021 is from € 1,800.

Property for sale in the Canary Islands

Buying real estate in the Canary Islands, Spain is an excellent holiday solution and a smart investment with a high payback potential. Our specialists will tell you more about the market of property in the Canary Islands for foreigners.

Many tourists dream of buying real estate in the Canary Islands to move for permanent place of residence who have once visited this incredibly picturesque place. The Canaries are located in the Spanish archipelago, west of Africa — this is where heaven on earth is located according to millions. Favorable climate, magnificent beaches, swimming in the warm ocean all year round, absence of a rainy season, abundance of natural attractions — all together create ideal conditions to relax. In many ways, these explains the high interest in this area from tourists from all over the world, and, consequently, the increased demand for local real estate in the Canary Islands in apartments, detached houses or villas.

Contrary to the well-established stereotype that the Canaries are a place unhinged from reality, all conditions for communication with the outside world have been created here, there is high-speed Internet, shops, shopping centers, as well as bars and cafes. There is also a regular air service connecting the islands with the largest cities in the world including main capitals of the world.

We will help you buy property in Canary Islands

If you are interested in apartments sale in a new building in Spain specialists from Spain-Real.Estate will help you to become a happy real estate owner. A wide range of real estate in the Canary Islands from developers and agencies for every taste at their price, in any corner of Spain, is at your disposal.