Houses in the Canary Islands

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Houses for sale in the Canary Islands, Spain

Buying a house in the Canary Islands with a residence permit is a tempting solution for those who want to change their environment or start a new life in the best conditions. Spanish houses in the Canary Islands due to the location and international fame of the resort are popular real estate in Spain. A well-maintained house in the Canary Islands with a plot will be a competent solution for investing and multiplying capital. The guaranteed return on such an investment is ensured by the constant demand for rental housing.

The Canary Islands are located in the Spanish archipelago, to the west of Africa – it is here, according to thousands of tourists from all over the world, where the real paradise is located. The stunning climate and amazing houses near the beaches give you an opportunity to swim in the warm ocean all year round, and low rainfalls and natural attractions create ideal conditions for cultural and active recreation all year round. In many ways, this explains the high interest in this location from tourists, and therefore the increased demand for private real estate.

Despite the distance from the outside world and the peculiar isolation of the island, all conditions for communication and life are created here: high-speed Internet, shopping and entertainment centers, shops, bars and cafes. There is a regular air service connecting the islands with major cities around the world, including Moscow.

House prices in the Canary Islands

The cost of housing in the Canary Islands, contrary to popular belief, is lower than the average in Spain. This is largely due to the lack of stable work for the local population – Spaniards. It is home to mostly wealthy people from all over the world who can afford a vacation several times a year.

You can buy a comfortable house in the Canary Islands from €450 thousand. The cost may be different depending on the characteristics of each individual house.

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House investment in the Canary Islands

To maximize the benefits of buying the Canary Islands home, you can start renting out housing for short and long-term rentals. A significant contribution to the increase in capital is made by the fact that the Canary Islands holiday season lasts all year round, which means that housing remains profitable regardless of the time of year. The rental yield is 5-8% per annum of the cost of the house.

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