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Apartments for sale in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Real estate in Spain gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in an incredibly colorful country with a comfortable climate and a lot of interesting places. Buying apartments in Marbella for investors seeking to preserve and increase their capital is no less attractive.

The favorable economic and geographical location of the city, the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, the rich nature-all this is of great interest to the international community.

Marbella is located on the Mediterranean coast, between Malaga and the Strait of Gibraltar. During the holiday season, tourists from all over the world come here, including our compatriots, some of whom are interested in apartments and flats with a residence permit in Marbella.

To buy flats in Marbella means to invest profitably in your well-being and comfort. Fascinating natural landscapes, mild climate, fresh air and developed infrastructure open up many places for active recreation. Here, everyone will find a hobby to their taste: fans of active sports can enjoy tennis, golf and others. Those who have decided to choose Marbella as their new home will appreciate the local hospitals, kindergartens, schools, sports and recreation facilities, cafes, shops, markets and restaurants.

Prices for apartments in Marbella

The housing market in Marbella is diverse, however, the cost of apartments in Marbella is much higher than in other cities in Spain. The average cost of 1 square meter in an apartment is €2,4 thousand. Therefore, an apartment with an area of 70 square meter will cost no less than €170 thousand.  Depending on the location and conditions, the price may change, but, as a rule, in a big way.

The price of detached houses (cottages), depending on the novelty of the construction, the availability of good repair and equipment with household appliances, can vary from €2 million to €12 million.

Why is local housing so expensive? For a number of well-founded reasons:

  • high quality real estate in principle (both in the primary and secondary markets);
  • Prestigious location-close to the Golden Mile and Puero Banus;
  • high level of service;
  • houses and apartments in Spain are often bought by world-class stars (actors, athletes, etc.)
  • mild climate;
  • a variety of leisure activities, well-groomed beaches, perfect quality of roads.

With the expensive properties in Marbella, you can find cheaper options. They are usually located at a distance from the coast and the city center. Mostly these are flats for sale in Marbella in new buildings, they cost around €160 - €180 thousand.

Investment in apartments in Marbella 

Apartments in Marbella for investment and permanent residence are very popular. The high price does not bother those who fell in love with this city, as well as those who preferred to use the local property as a source of income. Both options are equally clear and justified.

As for the investment potential, apartments and flats in Marbella are liquid due to high demand. Tourists who come here for the season often refuse hotel rooms and rent apartments, so you can earn money by short-and long-term rentals. Buying apartments and flats in Marbella both for foreigners and expats with our help is much easier than you think.

We will help you buy apartments in Marbella, Spain 

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