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Real estate in Marbella, Spain

Buying property in Marbella for foreigners is a great solution for a holiday house, which you can also use as a buy-to-rent option.

Marbella is located on the Mediterranean coast, between the Strait of Gibraltar and Malaga. Its convenient location and great holiday infrastructure along with a comfortable climate attract tourists from all over the world. That is why real estate for sale in Marbella is always in high demand, both among those who are looking to buy property in Spain and holidaymakers.

Property for sale in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Buying property in Marbella for expats means investing in your wealthy and relaxed life. The picturesque landscape, coupled with a pleasant climate and developed infrastructure of the resort, ensure many opportunities for active as well as relaxing holidays. Holidaymakers are offered top quality golf courses and tennis courts. They can also enjoy the local cuisine with plenty of seafood dishes in lovely outdoor restaurants. Those who choose Marbella as their relocation destination get also everything they need: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and many sports and recreation facilities.

Marbella property prices

Compared to other regions of Spain, Marbella real estate prices 2021 are significantly higher. The average cost of a square meter of living space in Marbella is € 2 400. It means that the minimum price of a small apartment is around €100 000. The more prestigious the area is, the higher prices properties have. The cost of detached houses ranges from €2 000 000 to €12 000 000.

  • The reasons for the high cost of local housing include:
  • High quality of pre-owned and new properties;
  • Prestigious location close to the Golden Mile and Puerto Banus;
  • High quality of life;
  • Popular destination among world-known celebrities;
  • Comfortable climate conditions;
  • Clean beaches, variety of entertainment options, ideal roads.

These are just some of the factors that influence property prices.

Despite the high average price of housing, you can find relatively affordable options in Marbella. They are often located in new developments with a private swimming pool. However, these developments are in a few kilometers inland. Such apartments cost around €180 000-200 000.

Real estate investment in Marbella

Apartments in Spain is a profitable investment. When it comes to properties in Marbella, they are a popular choice among foreign property hunters. The premium quality of the local housing, developed tourist infrastructure and many other factors make Marbella a great option for a second home and property investment in Marbella, Spain.

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