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Real estate in Elche, Spain

Located in the eastern part of Spain, Elche is a picturesque town in the province of Alicante. Elche is very popular with foreigners from all over the world, especially expats and investors who are planning to buy property in Spain for relocation or renting out. It is a wonderful idea if you have set up your mind to buy property in Elche, Costa Blanca South.

Famous for the Palm Grove of Elche, which is a World Heritage Site with more than 200 000 palm trees surrounding the city, Elche is a popular tourist hub where you can explore the local ancient culture and traditions. Although most of the town is about 20 km away from the coastline, you can find some beautiful beaches just 15 minutes away.

Property for sale in Elche, Costa Blanca South

Like many cities in Spain, Elche has its own flavor and unique history. This town has many advantages. For example:

  • The mild Mediterranean climate with the sea waters warm from May to October, fresh air and about 325 sunny days a year with minimal rainfall;
  • Well-developed travel industry: comfortable hotels, comfortable beaches, restaurants and a comprehensive range of entertainment options for every taste;
  • Many interesting cultural heritage sites, including landmark monuments, ancient palaces, cathedrals, the archaeology museum, the modern art museum, St. Teresa Bridge and many other worth visiting sites;
  • Beautiful nature;
  • Plenty of sports attractions including the Elche Football Club and the Vinapolo sports area;
  • Local clothing and footwear stores perfect for shopping tours;
  • Close proximity to Alicante - 21 km;
  • Two international airports nearby.

Buying property in Elche for expats will let you enjoy all these benefits in the comfort of your home. The local market offers plenty of options.

Elche property prices

You can buy an average apartment in Spain, namely in Elche for a relatively low price - around €150 000.

The price of a bungalow with all amenities including a swimming pool, parking and a spacious green area starts from €200 000 and can go up to €1 000 000 or more, depending on its location and individual construction parameters.

Villas tend to be a bit pricier option. Their price starts from €390 000 and can reach €2 000 000 – 3 000 000.

Real estate investment in Elche

Affordable housing prices along with well-developed holiday infrastructure in Elche ensures a stable flow of tourists throughout the year. Spanish property in Elche is in demand in both summer and winter. Many residents of northern Europe and other parts of the world prefer to spend the winter here enjoying a comfortable winter weather. Therefore, to buy real estate in Elche can be an excellent solution both financially when renting your property out and in terms of enhancing the quality of your life by having an opportunity to enjoy the friendly Mediterranean climate in winter. Property investment in Elche, Spain can bring you essential passive income throughout a year.

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