Houses in Barcelona

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Houses for sale in Barcelona, Spain

A house in Barcelona with a plot is a dream come true of living in a sunny country. Barcelona is one of the most colorful cities, with the true spirit of Spain, an amazing cultural center and just a gorgeous place to live and relax with the whole family. In Barcelona, the best real estate in Spain are sold.

What advantages Barcelona offers for property buyers:

1. Barcelona is the largest tourist center in Spain, as well as one of the leading cities in Europe. Its convenient location, mild climate, excellent natural, economic and recreational facilities have given this place worldwide fame and love.

2. Simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit for real estate investors. Spain's regulatory framework is loyal to foreign citizens and in particular to investors who have chosen the country as their second home. Today, there are several ways to obtain Spanish citizenship, read more about them on Spain-Real.Estate.

3. The developed private sector has an extensive range of real estate, where everyone will find a country house.

Houses for investment in Barcelona

Apartments for sale in a new building in Spain, rent and resale of country houses are potentially profitable. The reason is the high demand and, as a result, the high profitability of the objects. Many foreigners like to spend their holidays in Barcelona, but do not like staying at hotels, and therefore prefer to stay in rented accommodation. In many ways, this is why the real estate market in Barcelona for investment and permanent residence is constantly developing, and the cost of housing increases every year.

The most common way to earn income from a purchased home is to rent out a short-term housing. It is the short-term lease that brings a large profit in a percentage ratio – up to 8% per annum. Long-term rental is slightly less profitable – about 4%, however, it is more reliable and stable.

Resale housing is an option for those who can wait for a while. Here, your profit depends on the annual increase in the housing rate and how big the difference between the purchase and sale price will be.

House prices in Barcelona (Catalonia)

You can find affordable housing for sale in the vicinity of Barcelona. The cost of a small house in Barcelona starts from €200-€250 thousand. Depending on the characteristics of each individual object, the price may vary. Current prices in rubles, euros, and dollars can be found on the website of the Spanish houses aggregator Spain-Real.Estate.

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Discover a world of new opportunities to live in Spain with an extensive real estate database on the website Spain-Real.Estate. Depending on the preferences, capabilities and needs of the client, specialists will select the appropriate object and help with the transaction.