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Real estate in Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is an interesting and diverse region, which is worth considering if you are planning to buy a property in Spain. Thanks to the always-warm climate, breathtaking nature, Andalusia offers quite a romantic atmosphere. Every year, thousands of holidaymakers from all over the world choose this region as their holiday destination. This place is also popular with investors, who are interested in property investment in Andalusia, Spain.

Property for sale in Andalusia, Costa del Sol

Andalusia's real estate market is known for a great choice of luxury property options and if you have decided to buy property in Andalusia, Costa del Sol, you will always have the best of the bargain. The wealthy buyers prefer Costa del Sol area - the aristocratic and fashionable coast of Spain. This area offers luxury villas, spacious penthouses and duplexes with all top-notch amenities.

The cities of Seville, Huelva, Grande and Almeria are as picturesque as diverse and offer a great choice of houses. A wider range of properties can be found in the cities of Cordoba and Cadiz.

These cities are among the most visited in Spain as Andalusia has plenty of things to do and to see such as cultural monuments and ancient citadels to offer its guests.

Andalusia property prices

The most expensive housing options are located in the Costa del Sol, one of the most prestigious areas in Spain. The cost of the most luxurious units of Spanish property in Andalusia may reach €50 000 000. However, there are areas in Andalusia where you can buy much more affordable properties priced at around €80 000 – 90 000.

Real estate investment in Andalusia

The warm sea with cool breezes and a mild climate with the sun shining here 325 days a year make this place especially attractive for foreigners. The main factor to buy real estate for sale in Andalusia is the proximity to the sea and beautiful beachfront views. Cozy seaside towns and villages are the absolute winners when it comes to popular destinations. An apartment in one of the development or a secluded villa with a garden will ensure you a steady rental income.

In addition, Andalusia real estate prices 2021 in the coastal areas are keeping growing, which means that you can resell your property at a higher price in the future.

We will help you buy property in Andalusia

Buying an apartment in Spain can be quite challenging, especially if it is your first-time experience. Spain-Real.Estate will guide you through the best offers from trusted Spanish construction companies and real estate agecies in Spain. We make sure that buying an overseas property is simple and safe. Get in touch with our team today for more details on buying and renting an apartment or house in Spain