Where are the most expensive houses in the province of Alicante?

Where are the most expensive houses in the province of Alicante?

The real estate market in the province of Alicante experienced an impressive increase in popularity in 2022, demonstrating record sales figures since 2008. As a result, a significant increase in prices was recorded in the market, due to both the recovery of the economy and the increase in prices for building materials and a shortage of labor. However, when compared with national indicators, the increase in the average price of housing in Alicante by 5.8% turns out to be quite modest.

In any case, in view of this situation, many people will be interested to find out where the most expensive houses in the province are located. Where prices are rising most actively, which creates conditions for profitable investments. Predictably, it will be necessary to pay attention to the coastal areas. The housing sector, designed for tourism, feels most confident in Alicante. The city of Javea, located in Marina Alta, stands out. According to the Association of Real Estate Inspectors of Spain, it has the most expensive housing not only at the provincial level, but also throughout the community of Valencia.

According to the Association, Alicante accounts for 6 of the 7 most expensive municipalities in Valencia with a population of more than 25,000 people. The list of six includes the already mentioned Javea with an average price per square meter in the region of 2,520 euros, as well as Benidorm (2,466 euros), Altea (2,203 euros), Calpe (2,168 euros), El Campello (2,121 euros) and Denia (1,993). All of them are coastal cities with a developed tourism industry and are very popular among foreign buyers. Javea and Benidorm also showed peak sales volumes since 2008.

The average price per square meter of housing throughout the province of Alicante in 2022 was about 1,610 euros. The same growth of 5.8% in annual terms. New buildings show an average price in the region of 2,090 euros per square meter with an increase of 7% in annual terms. The secondary market shows 1,540 euros per square meter with an increase of 6.9%. In the autonomous community of Valencia, the average price is 1,444 euros, new real estate shows 1,840 euros, and the secondary market is 1,945 euros.

The advantage of foreign demand

Valencia showed the largest volume of housing sales per capita in 2022 among all autonomous communities in Spain. Alicante also took the first place in the country with sales per thousand people of the population — 25.99 per 1,000. The province of Castellon took fourth place in the national ranking (19.55 sales), and the province of Valencia — thirteenth with 14.8 sales.

In absolute numbers, the Valencia region ranks third in 2022 at the national level due to 99,869 sales transactions. Out of almost 100,000 housing purchase and sale transactions registered in the region, 87,334 were on the secondary market and 12,535 on new housing. The region ranks second in the ranking in terms of secondary sales and is only ahead of Andalusia.

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