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Real estate in Murcia, Spain

Murcia is a fairly popular and diverse city in Spain, a great spot for tourists of all ages. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in this city. If you are history and art lover, then you can enjoy many local modern museums and historical buildings. If you prefer something more active, then try surfing and other watersports in Costa Calida where you can find a great choice of seaside entertainment options. Just a decision to buy property in Murcia, Costa Cálida can change your life forever.

Murcia is also a great destination for investors who are planning to make property investment in Murcia, Spain.

Property for sale in Murcia, Costa Cálida

This city has a rich history. Today it is one of the most prosperous cities in Spain and it offers a comprehensive range of properties, including buy-to-live and buy-to-lease options and you can buy real estate in Murcia from developers and agencies as there are plenty of them.

The local real estate for sale in Murcia also offers a wide range of property prices. The city of Murcia is located quite far from the coastline, so the cost of seaside units can be very different from those located close to the city.

Murcia property prices

A two-bedroom apartment unit in Murcia (the Costa Calida) in a development project with a swimming pool and other amenities will cost you €180 000 and more.

Murcia real estate prices 2021 of villas starts from €349 000 and can go up to several million euros, depending on their area and condition (if it furnished, needs renovation and etc).

The price of an average property in the province of Murcia looks as follows:

  • Bajo Guadalentín 149 735 €
  • Noroeste 168 102 €
  • Altiplano 168 858 €
  • Región Oriental 178 226 €
  • Huerta de Murcia 187 732 €
  • Alto Guadalentín 198 997 €
  • Río Mula 199 209 €
  • Campo de Cartagena 208 501 €
  • Mar Menor 216 829 €
  • Vega Media del Segura 231 981 €

Real estate investment in Murcia, Spain

Buying property in Murcia for expats can be a profitable investment option in Spanish property in Murcia for those who plan to receive a stable income by renting their property out. Murcia is a popular Spanish city among tourists. Thousands of holidaymakers from all over the world visit this city every year. Many holidaymakers prefer renting an apartment by the sea or in the city center rather than staying in a hotel. Therefore, the demand for rental units is always high and ensures high rental yields. Thus, you can rent out housing for short-term or long-term rent.

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