Агентство недвижимости «VALENCIA CITY»

Агентство недвижимости «VALENCIA CITY»
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Founded in 2010
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Real estate agency "VALENCIA CITY" was founded in 2010 thanks to close cooperation of all four sectors: real estate, construction, law and tourism.

Our agency brings together professionals with vast experience in each of these sectors. We do not try to replace everyone, perfectly imagining that each specialist will do their job better, we have united all these specialists into a single team for one single purpose - to provide our clients with the highest quality and most comprehensive services in Valencia.

You no longer need to think about how to solve this or that problem abroad. Our team of experts will help you solve any problem. Valencia City Real Estate Agency provides a global consultation service to private clients and companies and is able to guarantee personal assistance to each client at all stages of the transaction and after the sale of real estate, offering legal, tax and administrative support.

We get the best results not only from advertising our properties on the Internet, but also thanks to our cooperation with the most famous Spanish companies that do a great job with clients, while our commission is no more than that of any Spanish real estate company, regardless of whether you have contacted our company directly or contacted our partners in Russia or the CIS countries. We do not work on the principle of competition, we work on the principle of cooperation, and we look at how this or that company can be useful to provide the most complete services to clients in Spain and the CIS countries. The possibilities offered by modern multimedia online technologies, as well as traditional paper advertising, help the client to find a suitable object quite easily, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, the process of registration of a sale and subsequent maintenance requires a lot of work. In order not to have any problems in the future, we advise you not to embark on an independent voyage in this difficult issue, because even if local residents use the services of realtors, it means that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, and even more so for foreigners. We are not going to scare you with pitfalls, but simply advise you to contact the specialists who will do all the work for you. We help our clients save not only time, but also money, working in cooperation with realtors, we know how to negotiate discounts for our clients. Often these discounts exceed the entire commission of our agency.

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Calle de San Vicente Martir, 85; floor 9, office F, Valencia - 46007, España (Valencia - Spain).
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