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Real estate in Tarragona, Spain

Housing in Tarragona often becomes a dream home for those who plan to buy property in Spain. This is not surprising. Tarragona is an ancient seaside town and port located on the resort coast. It is a picturesque place with its own culture and rich history. Its mild climate, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and clean beaches attract tourists from all over the world. The favorable living conditions of this country win the hearts of many people every year, pushing them to buy a home. Due to this, Spanish property in Tarragona remains in demand.

Despite its popularity, the metropolis continues to be a quiet, almost provincial place with good quality housing. Thanks to the active development, houses and apartments here are characterized by a wide variety and very affordable prices. The city is in constant demand among those who want to buy property in Tarragona, Costa Dorada.

Real Estate investment in Tarragona

Real estate in Tarragona, Spain is a competent investment and a guarantee of profitability. The real estate market in the province of Tarragona is represented by a wide range of different options. There are completely new facilities, fully equipped for a comfortable life, and there are houses from the old housing stock with their own history and colorful surroundings. There are also commercial premises and buildings where you can safely run a business.

If you want to buy an apartment in Spain, Tarragona is a great option. Here you can easily find an object that will fully satisfy all your needs.

Tarragona property prices

According to statistics, the regions with the cheapest real estate are:

  • Ribera del Ebro;
  • Terra Alta;
  • Montsià.

Regions with premium class real estate and the highest prices are:

  • Priorat;
  • Conca de Barberá;
  • Bajo Ebro.

At the moment, a steady decline in prices was recorded in:

  • Montsià;
  • Ribera del Ebro;
  • Bajo Penedés.

According to the latest information for March 2021, the current price for 1m2 is kept in the range of €1630.

Buying an apartment in a new housing stock will cost you an average of €270 thousand. Real estate for sale in Tarragona is popular with those who are going to spend an annual holiday on the coast or move here for permanent residence.

Property for sale in Tarragona, Costa Dorada

Houses and apartments in Tarragona are characterized by high quality construction, unique architectural style and convenient location. You can buy real estate in Tarragona and enjoy and benefit from the purchase, because the city is developing very dynamically and is constantly growing.

There are many property offers for modern villas with 4-7 bedrooms ranging from 170 to 400 sq. m. in the suburbs of Tarragona. The villas are located in prestigious residential complexes a few kilometers from the city. All bargain properties for sale in Tarragona have good plots of land, garden, swimming pool, garage for several cars. They are equipped with heating, air conditioning and security systems.

We will help you buy a property in Tarragona

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