Apartments and flats in Salou

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Apartments for sale in Salou, Costa Dorada 

Buying apartments in Salou for investment and permanent residence is equivalent to realizing the dream of living in a desirable country, in the popular center of the province of Catalonia. The city has a great economic and tourist potential. Every year, thousands of people come here to relax and have a great time. Many of them eventually fall in love with this place and start thinking how to buy real estate in Spain.

To buy apartments and flats in Salou with a mortgage for a foreigner means to invest profitably in your future, because in the future you will be able not only to live in a prosperous foreign city, but also to earn money successfully.

Resort housing in Salou has been popular with buyers and businessmen from all over the world for several decades. Couples and students often come here, and the long tourist season (from June to October) supports the activity of tenants in the real estate market.

Salou is home to the Port Aventura theme park, popular throughout Europe, which also contributes to the attraction of tourists. In addition to it, there are discos and numerous clubs that make the nightlife in Salou truly incendiary.

From the point of view of geographical location, Salou is an advantageous place. From here, it is just a 1-hour drive to Barcelona and about half an hour to the nearest tourist centers of La Pineda, Reus and Tarragona.

Apartment prices in Salou

Houses in Spain, in particular in Salou, are pleasantly surprised by the variety and cost. There are many interesting options for apartments and flats in Salou worth from €100 thousand to €250 thousand.

To buy flats in Salou means to get a fully equipped and ready-to-move living space. There is a sector of premium real estate, prices for which range from €300 thousand to several tens of millions of euros.

In parallel with the urban infrastructure in Salou, tourism was purposefully developed, so now this city has become a favorite resort for a large number of foreigners, including natives of Russia.

Buying apartments in Salou is equally suitable for both lovers of a relaxing holiday in a comfortable environment, and lovers of nightlife.

There are 5 different zones in the city, where everything is individual: from the landscape to the beaches. By the way, there are several blue flag beaches in Salou that are marked for cleanliness and convenience.

Investment in apartments in Salou 

From a material point of view, apartments in Salou are highly liquid and have a great payback potential. Active tourism and a large flow of tourists are pushing the local residential real estate market to develop.

You can get income from an apartment by providing housing for rent or by reselling, but this method is not suitable for everyone due to the fact that it will not be possible to cover regular material needs with its help. You will have to wait a few years until the cost of apartments in Salou increases so much that a percentage of the sale will cover the costs.

We will help you buy apartments in Salou, Spain

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