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Real estate in Lloret de Mar, Spain

Buying real estate in Lloret de Mar for foreigners remains popular choice even during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The prices of seaside housing in secluded areas are steadily growing attracting more and more foreign buyers.

Property for sale in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Spanish property in Lloret de Mar attracts property hunters from all over the world with its top quality, great location and reasonable prices. If you are looking for apartments in Spain, you can consider local properties. For example, the prestigious Costa Brava offers apartments an hour's drive from Barcelona, with wonderful views and a full range of amenities.

To buy property in Lloret der Mar, Spain and to renovate your Spanish house further will not cost you a fortune. The price largely depends on how close the property is to Lloret de Mar, when it was built and quality of the construction, the living space of the apartment, its finishing and whether it is furnished and equipped with household appliances. The combination of these key parameters makes Lloret de Mar real estate an attractive option.

Lloret de Mar property prices

The cost of real estate for sale in Lloret de Mare starts from €100 000. This is the minimum price threshold, below which you probably will not find a decent apartment or house. A new apartment with two bedrooms will cost you €180 000-200 000. Studio units and one-room apartments are cheaper - €100 000.

You will have to pay at least €300 000 for a penthouse in a new residential complex, which will be real estate in Lloret der Mar from developers and agencies. Luxury villas are a separate real estate segment. You should be ready to pay from €2 000 000 to €20 000 000 to enjoy the privacy of a spacious secluded villa.

Real estate investment in Lloret de Mar

Buying property in Lloret de Mar for expats means investing in your own future. This solution is equally profitable in terms of finance and enhancing quality of your life. Firstly, you can rent your property out and receive high rental yields almost all year round or consider reselling it in the future at a higher price since seaside properties are always in high demand and their prices are growing from year to year. Secondly, you can use your property as a holiday house and enjoy the beauty of the region and its wonderful climate whenever you want it.

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