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Villas for sale in Ibiza

Modern Spanish villas in Ibiza are the object of investors’ interest and ordinary buyers all over the world. Buying real estate in Spain means becoming the proud owner of highly liquid housing with all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

Ibiza is the center of elite housing, exclusive clubs, expensive restaurants, brand boutiques and all kinds of entertainment. But the island is famous not only for them. Ibiza is a classic resort with a rich tourist base, an abundance of places and conditions for recreation for every taste. From investments point of view, this is a promising and profitable direction. Many eminent Spanish construction companies have made efforts to create the image of Ibiza by constructing architecturally unique residential buildings.

The picturesque island of Ibiza is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. A modern Spanish villa in Ibiza is a visiting card and a welcome acquisition for the elite of the whole world. Despite its modest size, the island has a wide range of entertainment options that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding seekers.

Villa prices in Ibiza

The holiday season in Ibiza lasts from May to mid-October. Thanks to the temperate climate, it is comfortable here at any time of the year, and the transition between seasons is almost invisible. Buying a villa in Alicante with a residence permit will give you the best opportunity to feel it first-hand.

The central city of the island is Ibiza, a cultural center with attractions. It is here that tourists and immigrants prefer to settle. This city is the best suited for permanent residence and seasonal recreation, it has the most developed infrastructure and the best establishments.

The minimum cost of villas in Ibiza is € 310 thousand, the maximum is € 5 million 100 thousand.

Building area from 300 m² to 712 m². The number of bedrooms in villas varies from 4 to 8. For prices in euros, dollars, roubles check the catalog on the website Spain-Real.Estate.

Villas investment in Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Ibiza has unique natural and ecological conditions: azure sea, lush greenery, picturesque bays, comfortable sandy and rocky beaches, as well as amazing reserves. All this favorably emphasizes the contrasting nature of the island, which “never sleeps”.

Buying villas in Ibiza for expats means making a smart investment in a potentially profitable venture. Due to high demand in the housing market among foreign citizens, provided that the villa is rented out, the initial investment will pay off in a few years, and your passive income will be about 4 - 8% per annum.

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