The pandemic revives interest in real estate outside the major centers of Burgos

The pandemic revives interest in real estate outside the major centers of Burgos

With the pandemic, many people are beginning to turn their attention to the provinces in search of open space and more freedom than most houses in the city center offer. And this small change in mentality seems to have become a trend, given the growing demand for houses and villas outside of major centers.

This is confirmed by sources in the real estate sector of Burgos. They have noted the good dynamics of the real estate market in rural areas in recent months. According to Óscar Ortega Delgado, president of the Association of Real Estate Agents and Management Companies (AEGI). This is an increase in demand, which began to be observed after last summer and has not yet been shipped, although it is too early to say that this is a turning point. "We will have to wait at least until the spring of next year to understand whether this trend has become fixed or it is temporary," he explains.

What is clear is that in recent months we have seen more movement in the sector than was a few years ago, although with different nuances. So, interest is observed in the districts and is focused specifically on the neighborhoods of major cities of the province, with a special emphasis on Alfoz and Las Merindades, areas located near cities equipped with all the necessary services.

The applicant's profile varies greatly depending on the area and the houses intended for use. So, in Alfoz, the market for new buildings is developing, while in other areas of the province, secondary homes are in the greatest demand. In addition, in the vast majority of cases, purchase and sale transactions predominate in the sector, and the rental formula is not represented significantly.

In recent months, the greatest demand is for detached houses (townhouses and villas), ready to move in and, above all, with a small plot or garden. "Now people do not want to do major repairs or build a house from scratch," explains the representative of the employers' association of the sector

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