Demand for eco-friendly construction in the Sierra de Madrid grows

Demand for eco-friendly construction in the Sierra de Madrid grows

Demand for single-family houses made of steel has increased by more than 40% over the past year, especially in the Sierra de Madrid, according to the new construction department of the real estate group Re/Max Expogroup España.

During the first five months of 2021, the company registered a growing interest in green building on land plots in the remote areas of the region. 90% of the consultation requests received by both the company's technical architectural and marketing services relate to this construction segment.

As the director of Re/Max Expogroup España, Ivan Sacristan, explains, "after the restrictions caused by the pandemic, we saw a noticeable change in the trend in the market, the preferences are now different. The biggest searches in megacities are focused on the periphery. There is currently a demand for your own space, close to nature, where you can build energy-efficient and comfortable single-family houses, but economically affordable and with individual design and special projects."

Innovative dry construction system

According to experts in the field of new construction, the most popular projects are 100% based on an innovative dry construction system using steel, which is more industrialized and leaves behind traditional elements such as brick or cement. This new technology has numerous advantages, both in terms of ecological safety and in terms of work completion time, which is reduced by 10%-30%.

Among the various options, there are two construction methods that are most widely used at present. On the one hand, the so-called "steel frame" is a comprehensive design and production system that allows you to produce cold-forming steel profiles with maximum accuracy. Its own technology avoids any cosmetic limitations, offering complete flexibility at a structural and aesthetic level with any interior or exterior finish. On the other hand, there is a transport container based on containers.

Steel as the basis of structures

Steel is the basis of these new developments. It is an eco-friendly, non-harmful, recyclable and less wasteful material during the construction phase. In addition to the high ability to heat and sound insulation, it is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions (moisture, fire, hurricanes, corrosion, termites and similar pests). Another advantage is that it improves the quality of construction thanks to the accuracy of three-dimensional modeling, which allows you to get parts designed with high precision so that they fit together without problems during assembly.

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