Apartments and houses available for purchase from Andalusia’s banks for 8,000 Euros

Apartments and houses available for purchase from Andalusia’s banks for 8,000 Euros

Currently, many banks have a large amount of real estate in their possession. These are properties that were seized from people who failed to pay mortgage loans that were used to purchase houses; as a result, they are offered for sale under attractive conditions. This should allow banks to quickly return the lost funds.

As soon as the bank takes possession of the property, it tries to find interested buyers as soon as possible, offering both discounts on the purchase and various guarantees and conditions. An example is the opportunity to open a mortgage loan in this bank for 100% coverage of the cost of real estate purchased with it. Usually, mortgage loans only cover 80% of a residential property’s total price. The costs of conducting the sale and purchase transaction and opening a loan, however, fall on the buyer.

As a rule, these expenses are estimated at 10% of the property’s final price. For example, a property priced at 200,000 Euros would require an additional 20,000 Euros to cover additional costs. However, these expenses are typically offset by a reduction in the cost of housing, making these houses less expensive than options sold on the open market.

Such a house is an excellent option for people looking to buy brand-new property at the best terms and lowest price. In this sense, Haya real estate agency is one of the best places to look for similar offers, including those from CaixaBank, Cajamar, and BBVA. These banks provide lodging not only in Andalusia but also throughout the rest of Spain. Large villas, duplexes, and apartments with varied layouts and reasonable costs starting at 10,000 Euros.

In Andalusia, BBVA provides a wide selection of options. You can find properties from this seller in all eight of the provinces of the area, but the apartments in Alcala de los Gazules and Cadiz deserve special attention. Only 15,000 Euros for a bedroom and bathroom in fantastic condition. Jerez de la Frontera, a semi-detached house of 70 sq. m. with three bedrooms and a price of only 16,000 Euros, is another interesting property.

Cajamar is also a key player in the Andalusian housing market. The apartment in Almeria deserves your attention. Its area is 44 sq. m., featuring two bedrooms, and the buyer will only pay 10,600 euros for it. In the province of Jaen, Archon, there is still another unique option. This is about a two-room apartment worth 11,300 Euros.

Last but not least, CaixaBank provides a number of fantastic deals in the region, including a semi-detached home in Baena, Cordoba province. Only 8,400 Euros for two bedrooms, two baths, and other amenities. Another interesting example is a chalet in Ugijara, in the province of Granada. Its area is 82 square meters, it has two bedrooms, and the price does not exceed 8,800 Euros.

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