Buying property abroad is a step that not everyone will take, let alone buy two apartments in Spain. On the one hand, this is a serious risk, especially for people without experience with foreign housing, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to profitably invest in the future and increase capital, live in the country of dreams and have a stable income source.

Sometimes real estate in Spain Spain is more affordable than in other neighboring countries, so if financial opportunities allow and you are ready to take a conscious risk, it is worth trying to become the owner of two apartments. Spain-Real.Estate will share a real-life experience of buying two apartments in Spain and share some valuable advice.



The respondent Oleg has been living in Barcelona for 5 years and has a second apartment in Valencia on the Costa del Sol. He told how his first deal with the purchase of a house in Spain went, and why he decided to do it the second time.

Oleg bought his first apartment in Barcelona with his honestly earned money 5 years ago. This step was logical and necessary, since he worked for a Spanish company and had to spend a lot of time in the country. In the end, a decision was made to move. Without hesitation, the young man turned to a real estate agency, phoned the agent, and an active selection of objects began. There were no problems with the city, Barcelona was a priority, because it was here where the employer's company was located.

The client outlined several key requirements that the apartment must meet:

  • Close-to-center location;
  • Proximity to public transport stops;
  • Convenient infrastructure;
  • Preferably shops and cafes nearby;
  • Nice view from the window.

« I am single, I don’t need large areas, so it was decided to focus on location. Options for 1-room apartments and studios were considered. I stopped at the last one. Most of all I liked the Rambla area - a colorful and incredibly attractive place, I often walked here in my free time, and now it is my home. I really like the architecture of the houses on the main street and the urban planning solutions in general. The metro is close, there are cafes and grocery stores, many places for cultural activities.»


Oleg, pragmatic by nature, began to think about buying a second apartment a couple of months after the first deal was concluded, and after 2 years he became the proud owner of a second home in sunny Spain.

« At that time, I had a certain amount formed, which I was planning to invest into business. But suddenly an idea came to my mind of how to make money work differently. I began to scroll through all the possible options and came to the conclusion: I needed to buy a second apartment, but this time closer to the sea. There were a lot of options, but the choice fell on Valencia - a city with a rich history, incredibly beautiful and also popular with tourists. True, the price of objects by the sea at that time exceeded the amount I had, so a mortgage was a reasonable decision.»

Mortgage lending for the purchase of real estate in Spain is a widespread practice, which, among other things, due to the loyal legislative framework, is often used by foreign citizens.

In order for the bank to satisfy the mortgage application, it is important that the buyer has a good credit history, has an account with a local bank in Spain and has a stable source of income. Mortgage rate in each of the Spanish banks is 2.5% for non-residents of the country. Monthly payments should not exceed 35% of the borrower's total income.


Oleg bought the second apartment purposefully for renting it out. Location, namely Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, was chosen very well and promised a stable income due to the rental of housing to tourists.

In general, Spain with its seaside regions is very popular with tourists from all over the world and especially the British. According to the latest data, it is they who make up the bulk of buyers and tenants of housing on Costa del Sol and Costa Dorada.

The second apartment in Spain will allow you to live peacefully in the country and live without working, receiving rental income. The mortgage will allow you to obtain the ownership of liquid housing, which will help you to successfully make loan payments, support both yourself and your family.

The main advantages of investing in Spanish real estate are the following:

  • Source of passive income - by renting out property, you get a constant flow of funds in the long term;
  • A clear legal framework that protects both the seller and the buyer;
  • Increased demand for residential and commercial real estate. Specialists of the Spanish real estate market record an annual increase in prices for properties up to 6%, which directly speaks of their liquidity;
  • Fast payback and return on initial investment;
  • Possibility to obtain a residence permit for investment;
  • High standard of living in one of the most popular countries in the world;
  • Comfortable climate, favorable environmental conditions;
  • Stable economic and political situation;
  • Extensive range of housing for every taste;
  • Wide range of prices;
  • Affordable mortgage loans for foreigners;
  • Real estate inheritance.

The value for money, as well as great potential, make Spanish real estate an attractive asset for investment, preservation and growth of funds.

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The respondent described how he makes payments for two apartments.

« An account has been opened in the same bank especially for buying an apartment on a mortgage. Monthly payment on the loan + payment of utilities is written down from it. All I need to do is to regularly monitor that the required amount of funds is present on the account within the specified time frame. Monthly maintenance of apartments takes about € 110 and € 200. Additional money has to be paid for security, maintenance of the pool in the residential complex, communications and gyms. In comparison with Moscow, life in Spain costs me 1.5-2 times cheaper, despite the maintenance of two real estate objects. Regarding the repair and purchase of furniture for the house - it cost 4 times cheaper. Under similar circumstances in Moscow, a similar amount would have to be paid for the repair of only one room. Having a second apartment in Valencia is a good financial help. Even taking into account all the necessary payments, a decent amount remains, which sometimes can be saved.»


Based on respondent experience and similar stories of many other compatriot property buyers, they highlighted a number of tips that will certainly help those who are planning to buy Spanish property:

  • Carefully choose the agency which you plan to entrust with property selection and conclusion of transaction with the owner. A conscientious agent will take on the bulk of the tasks of buying a house and observing all legal subtleties. They will guide you from start to handing over the keys;
  • Carefully approach the choice of housing by the sea. Objects on the first coastline can be an excellent place for a seasonal holiday, however, due to the peculiarities of their location and high air humidity, they are not suitable for long-term life;
  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the object. External embodiment is an important aspect, but it does not always reflect the objective state of housing;
  • When buying a second house in Spain, assess your financial capabilities sensibly. If housing is bought for renting, it is necessary to analyze the demand for real estate in a particular area, assess liquidity and prospects in order to increase the chances of recoupment;
  • If you are looking for and buying real estate on your own, it is important to pay special attention to the collection of the necessary documentation, otherwise the process may drag on for several months or not take place at all;
  • Do not skimp on a notary and other specialists who monitor compliance with the legal correctness and legality of the transaction.


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