Benidorm: All About the Advantages, Prospects, and Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Benidorm: All About the Advantages, Prospects, and Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca. Over 10 million holidaymakers come here every year to bask on the sunny beaches. Real estate in Spain in this region is in high demand. First, it is not always possible to find available rooms in local hotels, and secondly, many tourists prefer a more comfortable lifestyle without hotel restrictions. Therefore, short-term rental of houses and apartments in Benidorm brings stable profits to homeowners.

Knight Frank’s Wealth Report has ranked Spain as the second most attractive property destination for international capital in 2023. This is because wealthy buyers prefer markets that offer not only stable returns but also clear benefits one can enjoy in their everyday life. Let’s look at the main factors driving the appeal of local real estate.


Climatic conditions

The region’s natural beauty creates a unique setting. Surrounded by towering palm trees, deep lakes, hidden caves, and miles of long beaches, the holiday will delight even the most demanding traveller. What is great about the climate is that Benidorm does not have the sweltering heat typical of other regions of the country, but it is still quite warm. Over 300 days a year are sunny. Local beaches deserve special attention. Most of them have been awarded the Blue Flag, confirming the high quality and purity of the water. Below are descriptions of the largest recreation areas on the coast.

Levante Beach, the most popular strip of sand in Benidorm, is 3 km long. It is within walking distance of the city and boasts many amenities. Here you will find a large number of sun loungers, restaurants located along the promenade, and a coastline with smooth entrance to the sea, which makes the location an excellent place for swimming. There are several lifeguard posts on the beach. You can enjoy various activities here, such as water skiing and paragliding.

Poniente Beach is popular with locals and older tourists. It has a more relaxed atmosphere but still has beach bars and eateries, where you can get an inexpensive lunch. The beach is cleaned daily. There is a safe playground for visitors with children.

Benidorm: All About the Advantages, Prospects, and Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Transport accessibility

The region has excellent transport accessibility even for overseas visitors thanks to the international airport in Alicante. During the 2023 peak season (July–August), it handled more than 1.7 million passengers per month. Last year, the number of visitors who used this airport exceeded 13.2 million.

Well-developed infrastructure

Benidorm is fundamentally different from other resort towns in Spain. It was originally a small fishing village, but the development of the tourism sector completely transformed the face of the area. Now Benidorm is often called the Spanish Manhattan. There are a huge number of high-rise development projects in Spain. The contrast is striking as the seacoast can be viewed from the penthouse located on one of the upper floors of the skyscraper. The city’s infrastructure is focused on an active lifestyle. The range of entertainment is more than diverse. In Benidorm, in addition to beaches, you can visit:

  • Aqua Natura and Aqualandia water parks;
  • Terra Natura zoo;
  • Terra Mítica theme park;
  • Numerous water sports organisations;
  • 3 golf courses;
  • Cafes and restaurants;
  • Cabarets and casinos;
  • Night clubs.

In addition, the city annually hosts colourful festivals, exhibitions, and other events that are of interest to tourists.

Diverse listings

All modern types of real estate are available to buyers. You can purchase a compact 1- or 2-bedroom flat or choose a spacious house in Spain. There are apartments of different sizes, including premium duplexes and penthouses, and townhouses and villas on the market. You can buy ready-made property or consider apartments in off-plan development projects in Spain. Benidorm has options to suit every taste and budget.

Affordable prices

A 1-bedroom apartment a 15-minute walk from the sea can be purchased for €68,000. A 2-bedroom unit is offered for €150,000. Apartments in Spain in other regions are much more expensive. For example, in Finestrat, properties with similar characteristics are priced almost twice as high. Villas start at €500,000. The final price depends on the class of the specific property, its area, and whether it has additional amenities.

Opportunity to obtain residency

The Spanish Golden Visa is issued to non-EU nationals who intend to make a significant investment in the local economy. The visa provides the holder and members of their family with a residence permit in Spain and visa-free access to the Schengen Area.

Golden Visas are automatically granted for the purchase of real estate worth €500,000 or more. This can be any type of property: a villa in Spain, commercial space, plot of land, or apartment.

Benidorm: All About the Advantages, Prospects, and Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investment: buying your own home in Benidorm

Real estate continues to be the most stable and potentially profitable asset to invest in. With growing inflation, housing prices are rising rapidly, but even without inflation, resort properties are becoming more expensive every year. Benidorm is no exception. Buying a home on the coast is an affordable way to save money and increase capital. You can use the purchased property as a holiday home. However, you can also invest to reap profits.

Foreigners are not limited in the way they use their property. This allows you to rent out housing both short- and long-term, receiving a stable income. The return on investment for real estate in Benidorm reaches 6–7% per year. The final figure depends on the property’s comforts and features. You do not even have to reside in the country. Local agencies will undertake trust management of the property for a fee.

On our website, you can explore the real estate market and find out current prices. Our specialists will help you choose a residence in completed or off-plan projects in Spain. To receive a consultation, simply fill out the contact form.

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