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Houses for sale in Malaga, Spain

Buying Malaga home is a popular and profitable property in Spain. This is a great option for families with children, active and cultural events, as well as for doing business.

Malaga is a well-known international tourist destination and an important economic and transport hub in Spain. The city is located in the south of the country, along the Mediterranean coast of the Costa del Sol, with its well-groomed beaches and picturesque coves. A house in Malaga with a plot of land will interest everyone who has long dreamed of moving to sunny Spain. Houses in Malaga are suitable for investment and permanent residence. You can live here or rent out the living space and get a stable income.

Malaga is a city in Andalusia, with a rich historical and cultural heritage, which includes numerous architectural monuments, churches, museums, medieval churches, streets and many more. Celebrations in honor of traditional holidays are an integral part of the city. The indescribable color of Malaga, its unique architecture, rich nature, comfortable climate and living conditions attract tourists and those who dream of a holiday and life in the heart of Spain.

Buying a house in Malaga with a residence permit is a common practice, but before you start choosing a home, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the city. If you dream of having your own house near the beach, it is unlikely that you will find such an option. All beaches are located within the city, and the sale of housing here is limited.

Despite this, there are many facilities located in modern areas with well-thought-out infrastructure, but away from the sea. There are shops, shopping centers and cafes nearby. The housing market also has a lot of objects designed using the "smart home" technology, which are also very popular with both the local population and visitors.

House prices in Malaga

The average cost of 1 square meter of living space in Malaga is €1500-€1600. Depending on the location of the object and its proximity to the historical center, the price may change up or down.

You can buy a private house in Malaga with a good repair, a well-thought-out layout and a good location from €450 thousand.

House investment in Malaga

Since Malaga is an important business and commercial center of the Costa del Sol, there is a stable demand for housing. The activity of tourists and visitors from different parts of Spain stimulates the real estate sector, explaining the profitability of the purchase. A strong argument in favor of buying a house in Malaga for investment will be the absence of rent management costs in the first 3 years.

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