A new housing boom: "We are seeing unprecedented demand"

A new housing boom: "We are seeing unprecedented demand"

The real estate sector is one of the pillars supporting the recovery of the Spanish economy, and we can say that it is now experiencing a housing boom. Activity is not weakening, the demand for housing is very high, and the sector is coming across a shortage of real estate agents, bricklayers, building materials.

During the round table "New formulas for housing investment" organized by elEconomista, María Matos, director of research at Fotocasa, said: "Now we are seeing such a demand on our portal that we have never seen before, there are many investors interested in buying, now is the perfect time to invest."

The round table, moderated by Joaquín Gómez, deputy director of elEconomista, was also attended by Francisco López, CEO and Founder of Almagro Capital, Ignacio Posadas, CEO and co-founder of Rentchester, José María Gómez Acebo, head of the department of institutional investors of Urbanitae and Carlos Olmos, founder and Managing Director of UrbanData Analytics.

Attractive context

During the meeting, the speakers agreed that in the current conditions, real estate is a very attractive and recommended asset for any investment portfolio. Everything points to the fact that we are in the ideal context for investing in the real estate market, which is the leader of the economic recovery in Spain.

Carlos Olmos, founder and managing director of UrbanData Analytics, said: "Now is a good time to invest in the real estate market, as there are enough alternatives to diversify the risk and volatility that are sometimes a problem for investing in this sector."

In this context, Francisco López, CEO and founder of Almagro Capital, confirmed this trend, emphasizing the profitability of his investments: "Within our portfolio, which currently has more than 88 assets, our profitability, excluding the expected revaluation of housing, exceeds 10%. In the prime zone, this is twice as much as can be achieved using the traditional model."

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