Investment in the property market: 93 million euros for houses in La Solana de Valdebebas

Investment in the property market: 93 million euros for houses in La Solana de Valdebebas

Culmia, a real estate company owned by the Oaktree Foundation, continues to support the urban development of La Solana, which will link Valdebebas with La Moraleja in the northeast of the capital.

The company, which is one of the main land owners in the area, will invest 92.7 million euros in the development of a residential project, not including the amount spent on the land purchase.
In particular, Culmia plans to build 140 houses in La Solana de Valdebebas, including villas, single-family and multi-family houses (four floors is a maximum), according to Expansión. The real estate company owns 12% of the total area of the new district, 120,000 square meters, and also has representative offices in the Amenabar and Ebrosa districts.
La Solana de Valdebebas
In September last year, the City Council of Madrid approved a partial plan for La Solana. Located in an area on the border between Madrid and Alcobendas, next to the exclusive urbanization of La Moraleja, La Solana de Valdebebas has more than one million square meters of land, with a suitable for construction area of 290,000 square meters.
The urban development plan provides for a very low-density residential development, with 1,393 houses, 46% of which are social housing. In particular, 489 houses will be considered basic price subsidised housing (VPPB), the most affordable of all, and 148 houses limited price subsidised housing (VPPL).
230 single-family houses will be built on the territory next to the La Moraleja complex, and multi-family houses will have four floors. In addition, there will be a central commercial area, with infrastructure facilities.

Land owners
According to a document presented to the City Council and available to Brainsre. news, the owners of the land include large companies in the sector, such as Amenabar, Culmia and Ebrosa, as well as small companies, such as Inmobiliaria Valdearsan, Celteo.

Culmia has built 5,000 houses in Spain since 2013. There are currently 4,000 houses for sale on the market. The company also has land plots to build another 11,000 houses.

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