Why is La Pinada villa complex called the best in Europe?

Why is La Pinada villa complex called the best in Europe?

In 2022, the construction of a brand-new premium complex La Pinada Nature Resort in the Spanish Finestrat began. Housing sales in the complex have begun, and investors consider the project to be one of the most successful not only in Spain, but throughout Europe.

To understand the reason, let’s take a closer look at the residential complex, its location, price and quality and compare it with other projects.

Unique mansions with the best materials

The La Pinada villa complex offers luxury residences. During the construction of luxury real estate in Finestrat, the developer uses only eco-friendly materials, for example, natural stone for wall decoration.

The premium level of houses is reflected in other aspects as well:

  • the best architectural solutions;
  • an exclusive layout for each villa;
  • panoramic windows;
  • spacious rooms and land plots;
  • author's engineering developments that make living in villas more comfortable.

The community is being built by a well-known developer in Spain. The company has been working in the field of elite construction for more than 25 years.

It has commissioned over 200 projects in Spain and other countries. Some of these projects were built under government contracts to higher standards than usual. This experience allows the company to use ideal construction solutions tested in practice.

As of February 2023, the construction company has installed all communications in the complex and built roads. Clients who have acquired land plots are actively developing them. The construction of the house takes only 10 months after the contract is concluded.

The first villas in the residential complex have been commissioned, so buyers can come and evaluate the quality of these houses, their layout, interior design and views of the Mediterranean Sea from the windows.

A perfect location

According to the 2023 rating, Spain is among the top 5 countries in the world with the most pleasant climate. Moreover, it is the Costa Blanca that enjoys the special love of tourists. According to experts, this region has more advantages than, for example, Florida. The bathing season in Benidorm is 2 times longer than on the Côte d'Azur.

If owners of the property in the Costa Blanca can enjoy its wonderful climate, what makes La Pinada look more attractive? The answer is simple: its unique location around green hills and pine trees with healing air of pine needles and no heat in summer and damp in winter. From the hill, La Pinada offers panoramic views of the fabulous coast of Spain, majestic slopes, the city of Benidorm and the Mediterranean Sea. It is not surprising that the most expensive five-star hotels are located in this wonderful place next to the gated community.

The convenient location will allow residents to enjoy all the benefits of the surrounding area. The nearest beach can be reached from the complex in 5 minutes. Benidorm with its vibrant life and tourist attractions is located 11 km away from the community.

The residential complex is close to:

  • 3 international private schools;
  • 2 international airports in 50 and 150 km;
  • the best golf club in Valencia, Villaitana Golf with 18 holes within walking distance and 3 more courses a little further;
  • amusement parks, such as Terra Mitica;
  • tourist infrastructure on the coast.

The basic amenities for residents will be available in the complex. Some information about them will be given below.

A luxury lifestyle

The developer offers to enjoy the wonderful nature, healthy pine air and the sea, living in a luxurious gated community with a high level of security away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

150 premium houses will be put into operation in the residential complex. Its residents can enjoy not only status and unique quality housing, but also luxurious amenities. Villas in Spain in this community are located on the same closed territory with such establishments as:

  • a supermarket;
  • a gourmet restaurant;
  • an equipped gym.

When the community is put into operation, the area will be additionally landscaped with trees and flowering bushes. Landscaping will be carried out on a special design project.

The best prices

Other properties in Spain are difficult to compare with La Pinada Nature Resort in prices. Buyers can choose several housing options with different sizes and costs. In addition, customers can purchase houses with land plots with or without a swimming pool.

At the beginning of February 2023, prices started at €309,000. The exact price depends on the area of the plot and the house. The minimum cost of a two-bedroom villa of 84.2 m2 with a plot is €309,000. If the client wishes, he can install a swimming pool on the plot. In some options, it is included in the price, while in others, it is offered for an additional fee. There are no prices on the coast of Spain even for projects with lower quality materials in less prestigious locations.

For example, apartments within 3 km from La Pinada Nature Resort cost more than €400,000, and prices for some houses start at €500,000.

The benefit is especially noticeable when the buyer receives:

  • a brand-new home;
  • a villa in a closed and secure complex;
  • a high-quality property with upscale materials;
  • a land plot.

Customers can buy villas at such a favourable price, as the residential complex is in the initial stages of construction. Another reason is that the developer builds the community with its own money without banks and loans. In addition to the best value, buyers can get land and houses in full ownership without burdens.

To book a property, you need to pay €10,000 and pay 40% of the cost in installments during construction. You will have to pay the remaining amount when the community is put into operation.

La Pinada Nature Resort for investment

Due to favourable prices, convenient location and round-the-clock security, the complex is ideal for investors.

First, the villas can be resold profitably after the project is commissioned. The cost of houses is 20% lower than the market. It is expected that when the residential complex is put into operation, prices will increase by 35-45%.

Second, investors can rent out villas. The location and amenities in the complex make the houses highly in demand, including in winter, to receive a stable income at renter's expenses. The developer company offers its own real estate management services and rental of houses. So your villa will be in the safe hands of people who know everything about the complex. The nearby golf course is a unique advantage of the complex, which makes it extremely attractive for tenants.

Expert assistance at all stages

Customer support at all stages of the transaction is another advantage of the project. Experienced agents speak different languages. They know everything about the project and watch the construction every day. Living in the region, experts can answer any question about it, whether it is a question of where to find the best restaurant and buy a theater ticket or rent a yacht, how to choose a private school for a child.

Agents accompany buyers at every stage:

  • consults remotely;
  • helps you choose a hotel;
  • arranges transfers;
  • shows and tells everything about houses, options, layouts and prices;
  • advises on how to open a bank account;
  • helps to get NIE;
  • draws up purchase and sale contracts and helps to obtain title deeds from government bodies;
  • takes part in ordering furniture if necessary;
  • sends reports on construction work;
  • provides their services when applying for a mortgage;
  • assists in obtaining a golden visa – a residence permit in Spain.

The developer's sales office is located in a gated community, so buyers can appreciate all the benefits of the project. There are fully finished houses in the residential complex, including pilot ones, so the developer offers its customers to purchase a property not by the picture. In the houses, you can see and touch everything, walk around, evaluate the quality and their presentable look. A visit to the office will also allow you to enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding area.

Contact the developer's representatives today to learn more about the houses in La Pinada in Finestrat, their layouts, prices and payment options.

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