The most expensive areas to buy a house in Spain

The most expensive areas to buy a house in Spain

Many people choose their future home based on how well the infrastructure is developed, how pleasant it is to live in the area, and the crime situation. Often, cost estimation helps to answer all these questions, as the more expensive apartments in Spain are, the more prosperous and developed the area where they are located will be.

The price may differ by two or more times per square meter, even within the same city, depending on the area in which the house is being sold in Spain.

Let's look at the list of the best areas of Spain with the most expensive real estate, compiled at the beginning of June 2022.

10th place: Lista, Madrid

Madrid and Barcelona have the highest house prices in Spain. This is the most affordable of the exclusive areas in Spain.

Lista is an administrative neighborhood of Madrid, belonging to the Salamanca district. It has an area of 0.520399 km². As of 1 March 2020, it has a population of 21,362. The average cost of real estate here is 6 365 euros/m².

9th place: Sarria, Barcelona

Sarria is considered the richest area of Barcelona in terms of the earnings of residents. The district is also one of the first places in terms of population density. Sarria is incredibly beautiful and surprising with the harmony of traditional buildings and Art Nouveau architecture. In terms of real estate value, Sarria ranks 9th in the top 10 expensive Spanish districts with a price tag of 6,380 euros/m².

8th place: El Viso, Madrid

Madrid, like Barcelona, is the city that is most attractive to the majority of the country's residents and ex-pats due to employment opportunities, socio-cultural diversity, and tourist attractions. These factors stimulate demand and escalate prices. Even the decline in the cost of housing during the pandemic in the expensive areas of Madrid was not significantly noticeable.

El Viso is part of the greater Chamartin district. Consisting mainly of residential buildings, it is currently one of the richest areas of the Spanish capital. According to this indicator, it was overtaken only by the districts of Chambery and Salamanca. Aristocrats, businessmen, politicians, and diplomats have inhabited this area for the last half-century. The cost of real estate here is 6,606 euros/m².

7th place: Old Town, Barcelona

The Old Town is an area of Barcelona, which is first in the administrative designation. The Old Town is located between the Mediterranean coast and the Eixample district. The historic center includes the oldest neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Buying a property in this area is possible at an average price of 6,631 euros/m².

6th place: Almagro, Madrid

Almagro is an elite neighborhood that is famous for luxurious and majestic houses, embassies and art galleries. The former home of the famous artist Joaquin Sorolla, which is now a museum opened in his honor, is located here. Art lovers will also find many other interesting museums here.

Those who want to join this community can buy real estate in Almagr at an average price of 6,657 euros/m².

The most expensive areas to buy a house in Spain

5th place: Area Romantica, San Sebastian

The part of the city located south of the Old Town is known as the Area Romantica. This area is full of beautiful buildings from the late 19th century. There are also many clothing stores, bars, and restaurants here.

If the Parisian style appeals to you, we recommend you consider the Area Romantica for buying real estate. The price per m² of housing is 7,350 euros here.

4th place: Catseliana, Madrid

Catseliana is an elite shopping area that is part of the large Salamanca district in Madrid. It partially includes the Golden Mile quarter with elegant boutiques in buildings of the past centuries, which capture the imagination with their magnificent facades. There is a vibrant nightlife here, with first-class restaurants, bars, and eateries, as well as delicious cocktails, offered in trendy cafes.

If you like a vibrant lifestyle, take a closer look at real estate in Catseliana. On average, its cost is 7,629 euros/m².

3rd place: Front Maritim, Barcelona

If Barcelona residents had read this rating 30 years ago, they would have been surprised. The Maritim Front is part of Sant Marti, and is the area between the seafront, Sant Adria de Besos, and the Besos River, which previously consisted of slums and poor neighborhoods surrounding the areas of La Mina, El Maresme, and Poblenou. However, in the late 1990s, an ambitious reconstruction began here, which changed the face of the district.

The transformation continues to this day, causing the area’s property prices to rise consistently. Front Maritim is currently the 3rd most expensive district in Spain with an average price tag of 7,634 euros/m², which is four times the national average.

2nd place: Eixample, Barcelona

Barcelona’s Eixample could not fail to make the top 2 of this rating. Eixample, or New Town, is a densely populated area of Barcelona, that originated in the 19th century. It occupied a place between the Old Town and many small towns that were located around the capital of Catalonia, which have now become part of it.

If you want to live in this famous historical area, be prepared to buy a property for an average of 7,787 euros/m².

The most expensive areas to buy a house in Spain

1st place: Recoletos, Madrid

Recoletos is one of the six neighborhoods of Salamanca in Madrid and is currently the most expensive area in Spain. Recoletos Boulevard is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Every building here is not just a mansion, but a palace.

If you want to buy a truly luxurious royal property in the most expensive area of Spain, you will have to pay 8,749 euros/m², which is 4.5 times the national average.


Now that you are acquainted with the areas in which you can buy real estate in Spain, you can find the perfect home in a beautiful, developed, and prosperous part of the country.

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