Luxury real estate in Valencia: what to choose?

Luxury real estate in Valencia: what to choose?

Valencia is one of the oldest cities in Spain, nestled along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts a plethora of parks and gardens, well-preserved historic buildings, and magnificent gothic-style churches. Many consider Valencia one of the best places to live and invest in real estate in Spain.

Even though this bustling city serves as an industrial and business hub, life here is calmer than in Madrid or Barcelona. The city houses prestigious educational institutions, medical centres, sports facilities, a wide range of restaurants and cafes, shopping complexes, and traditional Spanish markets. Thanks to its efficient urban transportation system, even from the areas distant from the sea, one can quickly reach the popular public beaches.

Moreover, Valencia is a major transportation hub with a seaport, international airport, and an extensive network of roads and railways. This connectivity allows locals easy access to popular resorts in other parts of Spain and across Europe.


Best areas in Valencia for luxury real estate

The luxury real estate market in Valencia offers a broad spectrum of apartments and homes situated in the most comfortable residential areas. An important characteristic of the city is that luxury residential buildings are often constructed in locations away from the sea. This is because neighbourhoods near the water frequently face strong winds and high humidity. Additionally, most of the houses in coastal areas are part of older building stock, and many buyers are dissatisfied with the outdated layouts and finishes of these buildings.

Valencia comprises 19 administrative districts, which are further divided into 87 neighbourhoods. When purchasing luxury homes or apartments in Spain, it's crucial to pay attention to the location of the property. Let's explore the most popular locations in Valencia where one can find high-quality housing in the luxury segment.

Prestigious districts in the city centre

The autonomous district of El Pla Del Real, which includes neighbourhoods such as Jaume Riog, Ciutat Universitaria, Exposicion, and Mestalia, is one of the most prestigious locations in Valencia, situated on the border of the old town. The majority of the residential properties here are restored buildings constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It's an ideal place for those who wish to live close to the city centre and appreciate historic properties.

The districts of El Pla Del Remei, Russafa, and Gran Via are located in the city centre and are considered the most prestigious locations to purchase luxury apartments. In these areas, apartment buildings stand side by side with trendy stores of well-known brands, sophisticated restaurants, cosy cafes, and traditional snack bars.

Modern districts near the park

Most real estate professionals believe that the best locations for buying a home in Valencia are the areas adjacent to the former Turia riverbed. Today, this space is occupied by a lush park with excellent recreational and sports facilities. Local properties mainly consist of apartments housed in sturdy brick buildings. It's easy to find a place near a metro station, ideal for those who prefer using public transport around the city.

One of the most sought-after places for premium housing is the administrative district of Quatre Carreres. It encompasses neighbourhoods like Fuente de San Luis, En Corts, Malilla, Monteolivete, among others. This district is adjacent to the famous "City of Arts and Sciences," the Turia park, and the El Saler shopping centre. Here, one can find both modern gated residential complexes with amenities and service, as well as older building stock. Additionally, elite housing can also be found in the Camins al Grau district, which is located near the park.

Types of luxury real estate in Valencia

Valencia is a city of contrasts, where ancient buildings sit alongside modern high-tech complexes. Here, one can find premium-class housing to suit any taste, including:

  • exclusive apartments in restored houses from the previous century;
  • spacious apartments in contemporary residential complexes;
  • luxurious villas in a modern minimalist style with panoramic windows and flat roofs;
  • mansions in traditional Spanish style;
  • townhouses.

The market offers not only ready-to-move-in homes but also properties in under construction development projects in Spain, which can typically be purchased on instalment plans spanning several years. Available apartments and houses can be viewed in the catalogue on our website.

Apartment or villa

For active young individuals, and those who prefer a dynamic lifestyle, an apartment in one of Valencia's central districts is an excellent choice. The main advantage of such property is the ability to walk to shops, markets, restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, art galleries, as well as parks and bustling squares.

Apartments located near the Turia river park are perfect for those who want to enjoy the city's quality infrastructure while also spending more time outdoors. The picturesque park area offers various sports facilities, pedestrian pathways, and bike trails where one can actively spend time under the open sky.

For sale, you can find fully furnished apartments ready for move-in. The interiors vary but typically, apartments are designed in a refined classic style or have a modern minimalist design.

Villas are often situated away from the city centre. Premium mansions can be found in gated residential communities near golf clubs. This type of property is suitable for couples and those who prefer to live in seclusion and have a private, fenced plot. Modern villas are usually designed in the trendy high-tech style: smooth lines, straight roofs, light facades, large windows, and spacious terraces. Many luxury mansions also feature private swimming pools. In Valencia, you can find homes with home gyms, saunas, Jacuzzis, landscaped gardens, and other amenities.

Real estate pricing

Apartment and house prices in Valencia are generally lower than in Barcelona or Madrid. Here, one can easily find a luxury villa or apartment priced up to €1 million. Of course, there are also more expensive options available. The cost of a property is influenced by numerous factors: the presence of premium finishes and furnishings, the total living space, the views from the windows, and so on. One of the most critical price determinants is the location of the house or apartment. Properties situated in the city centre are valued the highest. Exclusive mansions in scenic gated communities with private pools and other amenities are also highly prized.

For instance, an exclusive 336 m2 apartment with 4 bedrooms and finished with premium materials is on sale for €1.3 million. This property is located in the city centre, close to Turia Park.

Most of the luxury mansions available for purchase today are situated near golf clubs, on the city outskirts. For example, a spacious two-story villa, measuring 252 m2, can be acquired for €900,000. The starting price for luxury villas is €780,000.

Selecting and purchasing luxury housing in Valencia

Valencia is a large and beautiful city, making it an ideal place to buy quality premium-class housing for living or investment purposes. Prices for luxury real estate in Spain remain stable even during economic downturns. Premium housing sees a steady appreciation, increasing by an average of 2–3% annually. For this reason, many affluent individuals prefer to securely invest in luxury apartments and villas in Spain to shield their money from inflation.

On our website, you'll find a plethora of listings for apartments and villas from developers and real estate agencies. All the listings are consolidated in a single catalogue, allowing you to easily compare prices and technical specifications of the properties you're interested in. You can also utilise our refined search filter system, enabling you to quickly select properties that meet your criteria in terms of price, location, total area, number of bedrooms, and other specifics. Should you have any questions, you can always reach out to our specialist who will help you select the optimal property for your future purchase.

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