Vía Célere

Vía Célere
Founded in 2007
Ongoing projects:56 properties

Vía Célere is a real estate company specialising in development, investment and management of residential assets. Thanks to its innovative business model and team of professionals, Vía Célere is today one of the reference companies in the new environment and real estate cycle.

Since its founding in 2007, Vía Célere has already delivered more than 6.000 homes, demonstrating a solid experience in startups, development and delivery of high quality residential developments throughout the whole of Spain.

1 Carlos y Guillermo Fernández Shaw Street 28007 Madrid
16 Marina Street, Floor 14A 08005 Barcelona
2 Mauricio Moro Pareto Street, Floor 1, Office 7 29006 Málaga
Balbino Marrón Street. Edificio Viapol 5ºplanta-Mod.15 41018 Sevilla
2 Santiago Street, 4 left 47001 Valladolid
10 i Concepción Arenal Street, Groundfloor A i 15006 A Coruña
1 Doctor Romagosa Street 2L 46002 Valencia
13 Castilho Street D. Edificio Espaço Castilho n.º 6-D 1250-006 Lisboa
Rua Orfeão do Porto, 52 4150789 Porto
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