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Neinor Home
Founded in 2015
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Neinor Homes began operating formally in May 2015, after the acquisition of Neinor, a residential developer with 28 years of history, from Kutxabank entity, by an affiliate of Lone Star Funds.

In March 2017, the company realized the first IPO in the residential homebuilder sector in Spain since the financial crisis of 2008, becoming one the benchmark of the sector.

From 2015 to 2019 the company was led by Juan Velayos, who agreed his departure with the Board following the new strategic plan 2019–2023. As the new CEO, the Board of Directors appointed Borja García-Egotxeaga (former Operations Director) with the support of Jordi Argemí as the new Deputy CEO and Financial Director (former Financial Director).

Together with the management team, more than 270 professionals of the highest level form Neinor with the mission of managing the most ambitious residential development project that has emerged in Spain in recent years, with more than 1,800 million euros of assets.

Specialized in first and second home housing developments, Neinor Homes concentrates its activity in markets with high demand and little stock to satisfy it, with special presence in Madrid, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Andalusia, Balearic Islands and Levante and with offices in Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Córdoba, Valencia and Málaga.

The most remarkable landmarks of the company are: the acquisition of a remarkable fully-entitled land bank; the design, launch and achievement of commercial success with new developments across all 6 regions; the elaboration of «the white paper», a design and construction guide which compile the characteristics and the quality and sustainability parameters applied in the new residential developments; the incorporation of the company as part of Breeam Advisory Board; the creation of Neinor Lab, a platform created to impulse the innovation in the heart of the company and the launch of Neinor Experience, an exclusive community for the customers to attend their needs and watch over their interests.

In 2020, Neinor remains Spain’s top developer, having delivered 1,300 homes in 2019 and earning a profit of EUR 64 million. In February 2020, Neinor took another step towards becoming a fully-fledged residential platform: entering the private rental sector, Spain’s biggest residential opportunity. Starting with a seed portfolio of 1,200 units in the best regions in Spain, it is a unique opportunity to add a business line which benefits from the company’s already proven best in class go to market.

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