AQ Acentor

AQ Acentor
Founded in 2014
Ongoing projects:14 properties
Valencia, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona All regions

We are Aquila Capital’s real estate developer in Spain.

The Aquila Group is an independent German investment fund manager operating in the Spanish market since 2014, specialising in investment in and management of real assets.
AQ Acentor currently has over 6,000 new housing units in production.

As a real estate developer, we specialise in executing projects in metropolitan areas, mainly in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia.

Our goal is to create quality housing, with the greatest attention to design and functionality. Our Quality, Urban and Platinum brands offer clients the home that best match what they are looking for.

Torre Espacio | Pº de la Castellana 259 D, Planta 14 | 28046 Madrid | España
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