Zamora is the province of Castilla y León with the lowest price for rental housing

Zamora is the province of Castilla y León with the lowest price for rental housing

Zamora has become the province of Castilla y León with the lowest rental prices, according to data by the consulting company Gesvalt in its report for the first quarter of 2021. In this sense, renting a house of 100 square meters costs an average of 671 euros per month in this community, with a difference between 838 euros in the city of Segovia and 562 euros in the capital of Zamora. Thus, there is also a price gap in Castilla y León.

By provinces, rents have increased in all provinces in the region compared to the previous quarter, except for Palencia, where they have decreased by 1%. Thus, the most noticeable increase is in Segovia with 4.3%, Valladolid with 2.1% and Zamora with 2.1%. These provinces are followed by Soria (1.3%), Burgos (1.2%), Ávila and Salamanca (0.8%) and León (0.2%). In Castilla y León, rental prices have increased by 1.2% compared to the previous year of 2020, which is almost double the growth recorded in the case of purchase and sale, which had an increase of 0.7% compared to the previous quarter.

The price rating by province ranges from 7.55 euros per square meter per month in Salamanca; 7.33 euros per square meter in Segovia and 7.23 euros per square meter in Valladolid. Burgos with 6.66 euros, Palencia with 5.75 euros, León with 5.71 euros, Soria with 5.63 euros, Ávila with 5.24 euros and Zamora with 4.85 euros are below the community average with the lowest price among all the provinces in the region.

By provincial capitals, prices range from 5.62 euros per square meter in the city of Zamora, to 6.3 in Ávila and 6.31 in Soria. This is followed by Palencia with 6.47 and León with 6.65. The most expensive area is the capital Burgos with 7.52 euros; Valladolid with 7.57; Salamanca with 8.1 euros, and Segovia with 8.38 euros. Consequently, the real estate market is responding to the health and economic crisis by increasing prices, but at different rates.

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